Why we’ve changed the name of

MongoChef to Studio 3T

Simply, the old name was really confusing. People kept pointing out that “3T-Mongo-Chef” felt like some weird mash-up of three completely different brands – us at 3T, the guys at MongoDB and the kitchen full of coders over at Chef.

To avoid any more confusion, we’ve changed our flagship product name to Studio 3T. But it’s more than just a name; it’s also the place where over 100,000 Developers, Devops Engineers, DBAs and Data Scientists get their best work done with MongoDB.

Studio 3T is where we all get more done.

 The new name works because Studio 3T reminds people we’re more than just a GUI. The bigger, roomier name does justice to the growing power of our software with each new release (and there were twenty-three substantial releases in just the last twelve months). An additional reason was that customers were regularly telling us how much they loved their 3T ‘management studio’.  And that was interesting because we’ve never called it a management studio.

But for professional users, Studio 3T is clearly way more than a GUI, and cooler than a mere client. It’s easily the most popular commercial IDE for MongoDB – a highly efficient and feature-rich workspace for getting more done with the NoSQL database. The new name is simpler, and it’s bigger. So come on in! Welcome to Studio 3T!