Need a job automation tool for MongoDB? We’re on it.

We’re working on making job automation seamless between Studio 3T and your server.

Let Studio 3T and your server do the heavy lifting

Free up your time

Schedule MongoDB backups, exports, and SQL migrations to run when you need. Let long-running jobs run in the background.

Free up your local machine

Save your local machine for more important tasks. Plan ahead and ship the jobs you know will take time, straight to your server.

Get faster performance

By exporting to your server, you get faster, more reliable performance with heavy-load tasks that your local machine isn’t designed to handle.

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With Studio 3T, discover the better way of working with MongoDB

Export query results

Instead of running the same queries, export results from your frequently-run find and aggregation queries automatically.

Automate exports for reporting

Make MongoDB reporting less of a hassle. Automate exports and configure your BI tools to fetch the files it needs.

Migrate SQL to MongoDB and transform your data

Make your move from SQL to MongoDB as smooth as possible. Import multiple SQL tables or custom datasets to a single MongoDB collection. Map table relationships to JSON and preview that all looks correct before exporting to your server.

A MongoDB Connector for BI alternative

Don’t have MongoDB Enterprise Advanced? No problem. If you can’t access MongoDB Connector for BI, you can still query MongoDB with the SQL Query tool in Studio 3T and export the query results you need.

Keep SQL and MongoDB databases in sync

Run scheduled migrations from MongoDB to SQL – or vice-versa – to ensure that your databases are in sync.

Run MongoDB backups regularly

Automate MongoDB backups by scheduling exports of your collections – in CSV, JSON, BSON/mongodump, or SQL.

Get started today – automate tasks on your local machine

Automate and schedule imports, exports, migrations, and more with Studio 3T’s Task Scheduler