"We couldn't imagine working with MongoDB without Studio 3T"

CX Lavender – Australia’s leading Customer Experience agency

Donald Martinez
Technical Director

On moving to Studio 3T

A very reliable tool. We couldn’t imagine working with MongoDB without Studio 3T.

First started using MongoDB


First MongoDB admin tool

The first interface we used was Robomongo/Robo 3T

Reason for choosing Studio 3T

We needed to work faster and more efficiently

Most used Studio 3T features

Tree View, Table View, IntelliShell, Import/Export, Data Compare & Sync

CX Lavender uses IntelliShell for productivity

Forget the MongoDB shell as you know it - Studio 3T has IntelliShell, the richest editing experience of any MongoDB client. There is auto-completion of collection names, shell methods, and also of document key names, operators, and further completions on return values. It’s an essential part of using MongoDB.

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