CX Lavender and Studio 3T

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We couldn't imagine working with MongoDB without Studio 3T

Donald Martinez, Technical Director

On moving to Studio 3T

A very reliable tool. We couldn’t imagine working with MongoDB without Studio 3T.

First started using MongoDB


Reason for choosing Studio 3T

We needed to work faster and more efficiently

First MongoDB admin tool

The first interface we used was Robomongo/Robo 3T

Most used Studio 3T features

Tree View, Table View, IntelliShell, Import/Export, Data Compare & Sync

CX Lavender uses IntelliShell for productivity

Forget the MongoDB shell as you know it – Studio 3T has IntelliShell, the richest editing experience of any MongoDB client. There is auto-completion of collection names, shell methods, and also of document key names, operators, and further completions on return values. It’s an essential part of using MongoDB.

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