EOH and Studio 3T

Africa’s largest technology service provider

Studio 3T really is the best management tool for MongoDB. Every feature is designed to save time.

Yossi Neimann, Software Development Engineer

First started using MongoDB


Time saved with Studio 3T

Studio 3T now saves us between 15 and 20 hours per week. That’s a lot of time saved.

First MongoDB admin tool

We started out using Robomongo

Reason for choosing Studio 3T

There were specific features we needed in Studio 3T

Most used Studio 3T features

Query Code, SQL Query, Import/Export, Visual Query Builder

EOH uses Query Code for productivity

Generate driver code from your MongoDB query. Studio 3T’s Query Code automatically converts your MongoDB queries to one of five target languages – JavaScript (node.JS), Java, Python, C#, and the mongo shell language – for an easy copy + paste job from Studio 3T and into your application.

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"Studio 3T saves us over 20 hours per week."

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