"Studio 3T saves us in the order of one day per week. It gives us 20% more time to focus on the interesting work."

Fly BMI – A UK-based airline

George Smith
Software Development Engineer

On moving to Studio3T

We spent a few months trialing MongoDB tools and we found that Studio 3T was by far our favourite. The Aggregation Editor makes working with aggregate queries so much easier.

First started using MongoDB

Started with MongoDB in 2018

First MongoDB admin tool

Tried working with MongoDB Compass

Reason for choosing Studio 3T

We needed to be able to work faster

Most used Studio 3T features

Aggregation Editor, Import/Export, IntelliShell, Index Manager

FlyBMI uses the Import/Export Wizard for productivity

Import / Export - Studio 3T MongoDB GUI

Skip the command line and complete your import/export tasks with Studio 3T's convenient wizard instead. SQL, JSON, CSV and BSON/mongodump formats are supported, and you can always export entire collection(s) or view(s), current query results, and specific documents.

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