Otolane and Studio 3T

Otolane, a dealer-to-dealer auction platform

Spectacular. It's a seriously good piece of software, a fantastic and reliable tool

Peter Giannopoulos, Director of R&D, Otolane

On moving to Studio 3T

Spectacular. It’s a seriously good piece of software, a fantastic and reliable tool. I can’t remember a single time I’ve had any technical issues with it. Good job, keep it up! If only other software were as high quality and as useful!

First started using MongoDB


Reason for choosing Studio 3T

We wanted to get stuff done faster

First MongoDB admin tool

Used Studio 3T right from the start

Most used Studio 3T features

SQL Query, Tree View, Table View, IntelliShell, Query Code, Schema Compare, Aggregation Editor

Otolane uses Query Code for productivity

Generate driver code from your MongoDB query. Studio 3T’s Query Code automatically converts your MongoDB queries to one of five target languages – JavaScript (node.JS), Java, Python, C#, and the mongo shell language – for an easy copy + paste job from Studio 3T and into your application.

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