PermaGreen and Studio 3T

Turf care industry manufacturing

Studio 3T is high on my list of desert island picks of development tools

Aaron Jessen, Solutions Developer

On moving to Studio 3T

Studio 3T is so easy to use and powerful that I wouldn’t want to work with MongoDB without it. The Visual Query Builder is a must-have, especially if you don’t have mastery of the MongoDB query language. And editing/renaming of fields, even across 1 million records, is a total breeze.

First started using MongoDB


Reason for choosing Studio 3T

To be able to work faster

First MongoDB admin tool

MongoDB Compass

Most used Studio 3T features

In-Place Editing, Import/Export, Query Code, JSON/Table/Tree Views, Visual Query Builder

PermaGreen uses In-Place Editing for productivity

Data Compare and Sync saves time by ensuring your data is always current and accurate.

With Studio 3T Data Compare and Sync, you can select entire MongoDB databases, specific collections, or particular query results to compare. Run the comparison, and you’ll see the differences side-by-side, and all results can be edited and/or synchronized in place!

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