"Studio 3T is definitely a huge help throughout the whole development process"

SEGA HARDlight – Game developer and publisher

Scott Griffiths
Senior Programmer

On Moving to Studio 3T

“It certainly helps having a pre-made tool that makes mongo documents very easy to visualize, very easy to explore collections and database, just really streamline the process of writing queries, exploring data, and digging into issues."

Hours saved per week

Studio 3T is definitely a huge help throughout the whole development process […] I couldn’t measure the amount of time saved.

Reason for choosing Studio 3T?

“Studio 3T helps give us the confidence to check that things are running as they are. I always have Studio 3T open in a window. It’s a very useful tool to have while I’m writing code."

Most used Studio 3T features?

In-Place Editing, Color-Coded Connections, Tree View, Table View

SEGA Uses Tree View for Productivity

You get three ways to view your MongoDB data in Studio 3T. If you're into visualizing hierarchies, there's Tree View. If you prefer to view documents the old school way, there's JSON View with a built-in editor for real-time, lossless editing. Then there's Table View - the most powerful of all - which can handle any document size and lets you hide columns and step into cells and columns, even array-valued ones.

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