Anthony Dillon

About Anthony Dillon

Anthony sits on the customer facing side of things. While helping customers get the most out of whichever edition of Studio 3T they’re working with, he also makes sure the word gets out to the wider world about new features and functionality. As an expat from down-under, he spends as much free time as possible seeking out adventure throughout Germany and the rest of Europe, and talking far too much about food.

New MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Operators

MongoDB 3.4 has brought out a number of new, very useful aggregation operators for both recursive search ($graphLookup), and faceted search ($bucket, $bucketAuto, $facet, $sortByCount). See below for a brief explanation of each new operator. And of course, both IntelliShell and the Studio 3T aggregation builder fully support the new additions. OPERATOR DESCRIPTION $bucket Categorizes incoming [...]

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