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About Vassilis Kazazakis

No matter what else, programming has always been a companion to Vassilis, ever since he was a little kid, starting off with QuickBasic. A researcher with a Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics from the Universiteit van Amsterdam, he’s also worked in IT Consulting, ERP software and web development as well as multiple freelance projects. In his free time, he loves playing classical piano and Greek folk guitar as well as tango dancing, table-tennis and volleyball. He currently lives in the best place to be, Berlin, enjoying building top-of-the-line software for 3T.

How to Do MongoDB Map-Reduce Jobs Easily With Studio 3T

In this post, we will see how Studio 3T (formerly MongoChef) can make your life easy with writing, debugging, and running MongoDB Map-Reduce jobs using the amazing new Map-Reduce Screen. MongoDB Map-Reduce vs Aggregation Pipeline A Map-Reduce Example Filtering the Input Data map() Function reduce() Function finalize() Function Running the Map-Reduce Job Map-Reduce Epilogue   [...] SSL Certificate Validation & Handling Security Improved

New to Studio 3T? Read our Getting Started guide. As of MongoChef 4.5 (now Studio 3T), we added support for MongoDB 3.4. The introduction of the 3.4 MongoDB driver has brought about quite a few bugfixes and changes one of which is an upgrade on the security of SSL certificate handling. Studio 3T will make sure that [...]