Yvonne Karwig

About Yvonne Karwig

Providing exceptional customer satisfaction has been at the forefront of Yvonne’s career to date: whether creating tutorials for technical walkthroughs or teaching English to non-native speakers, she enjoys engaging with people and providing an optimised solution to a wide range of queries. A newcomer to Berlin, she enjoys discovering the humongous variety of cuisines available at every corner, whether it be the infamous curry wurst, or the divisive location of the Best Doner.

MongoDB Developer Productivity in an Agile World

This guest post is courtesy of Pascal Desmarets from Hackolade. Most database developers will tell you that traditional relational SQL databases are not ideally suited for agile development. They require a schema defined upfront and subsequent (costly) database migrations as the structure changes -- all things that don’t fit well within the two-three-week sprint cycles [...]

MongoDB World 2017 – Awesome Event

The annual MongoDB conference was in Chicago last week. What a great event. First off, big hugs to all the MongoDB staffers who made it so memorable. After three days of standing and talking constantly, the free masseuse service was a brilliant and much appreciated touch. Equal thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth [...]

MongoDB World 2017

With fewer than 3 weeks to go before MongoDB World 2017, the team at Studio 3T are busy! Not only are we getting ready to meet some amazing people again at our stand in Chicago on June 20th - 21st (come on over - we’re at booth 16), but we’ve just launched one of our most [...]