How to Connect to a MongoDB Database Hosted by a Cloud Provider

Have Your MongoDB Connection String Ready Download Studio 3T here. Create a free sandbox database instance with a MongoDB cloud hosting provider, for example with Compose, ObjectRocket, or mLab. MongoDB hosters will give you a connection string URI that looks like this: Example: mongodb://<user>:<password>, <user> and <password> placeholders are usually preset with your authentication details. [...]

How to Export MongoDB to SQL

One of the most popular Studio 3T features is Export to SQL, a premium feature available in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Studio 3T. Let's take a look at how easy it is to safely export MongoDB to SQL. Access the Export Wizard by right-clicking on a server, database, or collection and choose Export (e.g. Collection). [...]

Getting Started with IntelliShell, Studio 3T’s Full MongoDB Shell Integration

In this post, I'll show you how to install and configure Studio 3T (formerly Mongochef) and the necessary MongoDB tools to get you started with IntelliShell. IntelliShell is Studio 3T's full MongoDB shell integration and the richest MongoDB editing experience currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Install Studio 3T You can download Studio 3T for [...]

Best Practices for UUID Data in MongoDB

MongoDB and MongoDB drivers come with built-in support for the UUID data type. It’s very easy and convenient to start using UUID immediately, without having to review the BSON specification. In most cases you’ll most likely be fine. There are some scenarios however, where you might run into unexpected issues that are very difficult to [...]

How to Diff MongoDB

There are a number of situations where being able to conveniently analyse the differences between two database installations is extremely handy. For example, you have a problem with your production system, but all you know about it is that the problem lies somewhere in the database, but WHERE in the database? It worked fine yesterday, [...]