How to Create MongoDB Joins Using SQL

SQL is the standard way of querying relational databases. It has become the common way of talking about querying data that we can generally understand. It isn’t intended for document databases, and it isn’t always appropriate. It has, for example, great difficulty with embedded arrays and other non-relational devices. However, a SQL query is quite [...]

How to Use the MongoDB find() Method and Indexes to Find Data Quickly

If you aren’t happy with the performance of a MongoDB database, there are a number of things to look at, such as indexing strategies, database schema design issues, abnormal traffic load, network problems, inadequate available physical memory resources, locking problems, inappropriate access strategies, hardware limitations, and the number of open database connections. An obvious place [...]

MongoDB, A Database with Porpoise

When you have a whale of a performance problem Before you get into dealing with the minutia of database performance, you have to stand back and ask the obvious questions like ‘do I actually need all this data?’. Even with the cleverest querying or aggregation, fine tuning indexes and studying execution plans, you are unlikely [...]