What’s New in Studio 3T 5.0

Studio 3T is the new name of MongoChef and we are more excited than ever to announce the major release of Studio 3T 5.0. In this release, we focused on improving the experience for those that are discovering Studio 3T and downloading it for the first time. Of course, we also added plenty of improvements and new [...]

What’s New in MongoChef 4.5

We are immensely excited to announce the release of MongoChef 4.5! This is one of our largest releases ever. We would like to explicitly thank you, our users, for your plentiful feedback and feature suggestions that continue to make MongoChef so much better. MongoChef 4.5 is chock-full of new features and improvements: Full MongoDB 3.4 Compatibility MongoDB Export to SQL Improved [...]

What’s New in MongoChef 4.4

MongoChef has just gotten even better! We are very pleased to announce that MongoChef 4.4 has been released! For this release, we have particularly focused on improving the overall user experience of MongoChef even further. Thanks a lot for all those suggestions! MongoChef is now Studio 3T. Learn more HERE! Undocking tabs Loads of you have [...]

What’s New in MongoChef 4.2.0

Today we are very excited to announce that we have just released MongoChef 4.2.0! MongoChef is now Studio 3T. Learn more HERE! This release brings many improvements and new features you have asked for, for example: Improved SSH/SSL support We have significantly expanded our SSH/SSL support. We now support most ciphers, key exchange protocols, message authentication codes [...]