In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to connect to your cloud-hosted MongoDB database with Studio 3T.

We’ve also written specific step-by-step guides for ObjectRocket and Compose users, so make sure to read those if your MongoDB instances are hosted there.

Have Your MongoDB Connection String Ready

  1. Download Studio 3T here, in case you haven’t yet.
  2. Create a free sandbox database instance with a MongoDB cloud hosting provider, for example with Compose, ObjectRocket, or mLab.

MongoDB hosters will give you a connection string URI that looks like this:



<user> and <password> placeholders are usually preset with your authentication details.

Other MongoDB cloud hosting platforms might list connection string URI details differently, but Studio 3T allows users to easily preserve additional details like SSH and SSL information in a MongoDB URI, making sharing connection details within teams much easier.

Connect to a MongoDB Database

    1. With your MongoDB connection string URI ready, click on the “Connect” button in the toolbar. This will open the Connection Manager where you can see and edit all your previously created connections.
    2. Click on “New Connection” to open a dialog to create a new connection with your connection data.
    3. Here, you can name your connection, then click on “From URI”:Connect to MongoDB cloud hosting providers via Studio 3T
    4. Simply paste your URI into text box (or alternatively, import a URI file).Insert your connection URI details
    5. Confirm your URI and Studio 3T will extract all connection information and fill out all required fields. You can verify this in the various tabs such as “Server”, “Authentication”, “SSL”, etc.Double-check your connection details by clicking through the tabs
    6. Once you have saved your connection settings, select your newly created connection and connect to it. Et voilà – you’re ready to edit your data directly in Studio 3T.Your connection will then appear on the Studio 3T Connection Manager

Now that you’re connected to a MongoDB database, play around Studio 3T and you’ll realize it’s much more than a MongoDB GUI.

With Studio 3T you can edit your data just by double-clicking a field, view your MongoDB data in three ways, and easily build even the most complex MongoDB queries by just dragging and dropping fields. Studio 3T offers loads of features that make working with your MongoDB data a total breeze 🙂

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2014 and has been updated for accuracy.