3T Software Labs is very happy to announce that Studio 3T – our MongoDB GUI, IDE and client – is now available as a free 30-day trial. Windows, Mac, and Linux users, rejoice!

Drag-and-Drop MongoDB Query Generation

Studio 3T's Visual Query Builder has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Easily build even the most complex MongoDB queries with our Visual Query Builder.

Just drag and drop the fields you need into the search pane, select the desired search and logical operators, and the JSON query is automatically built for you.

Specify queries, projections, sort orders, and complex, nested logical and/or combinations with just a few mouse swipes. Of course, you can also overwrite/augment the built query string manually any way you want.

In-Place Editing

Enjoy in-place editing when you download our free MongoDB GUI for personal and non-commercial use

Double-click on a key anywhere in your document to rename it directly in-place. Double-click on any value or array element to edit it directly in-place. Editing MongoDB documents has never been easier.


Use the embedded IntelliShell to autocomplete your MongoDB commands, even down to field names.

Table, Tree, and JSON View

Expand the documents in your MongoDB collections and explore their structure in an intuitive tree view, the old-school JSON view, or the powerful table view. With our free MongoDB client, you got options 🙂

MongoDB Aggregation in Stages

The Aggregation Editor feature is available on our MongoDB GUI Studio 3T Core edition, which is free for non-commercial use

Break down your MongoDB aggregation queries into stages and check your results at each step for greater accuracy with the Aggregation Editor.


Studio 3T supports various MongoDB import/export formats for seamless data transfers to and from MongoDB

If you’re frequently transferring data to and from MongoDB, Studio 3T Core supports JSON, CSV and BSON/mongodump formats for seamless data import and export.

Using MongoDB for a personal project? Download Studio 3T today, – our MongoDB client, IDE and GUI – now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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