Today is World Poetry Day, so we’ve taken a leaf out of Phil‘s book and wrote a couple of MongoDB limericks – executable and all – in JSON query syntax.

Studio 3T, It Must Be

db.companies.find({ “country” : “Germany”,
“number_employees” : { “$gt” : NumberInt(3) },
“office_sport” : “Ping-Pong”,
“takes_coffee” : “long”,
“favorite_database” : “MongoDB” })

Someone Do a Chicken Run

“lunch.fastfood” : “Someone do a chicken run!”});
[“coffee” : “always”, “chocolates”: “any”]
{writeConcern: {“dont have” : 1}})

If you’re feeling nerdy (or poetic), have a go at writing your own and tweet or share your limerick below. We’ll give away a copy of The Collected Poems (if you’re not a Wallace Stevens fan, then an Amazon voucher of equivalent value – trouble is it’s only about $16) to whoever elicits the strongest emotional response from our devs.