tl;dr: It’s all good!

If you’re an mLab user (like us), you might have already heard that they’re being acquired by MongoDB (read the announcement on their blog).

mLab has assured that all customers will be given ample time and resources to migrate databases.

Similarly, we’d also like to assure all Studio 3T and mLab users that nothing will change. You can still use the same handy Connection Manager to connect to your MongoDB Atlas database (with a quick copy+paste of your URI), and enjoy the same suite of Studio 3T features that make working with MongoDB faster and easier.

So which features do our MongoDB Atlas users rely on the most? Our recent Summer Survey showed that most prefer to write out MongoDB commands, import/export frequently, and enjoy the accuracy of building aggregation queries stage-by-stage.

Here are the top 5 Studio 3T features, according to MongoDB Atlas users:

JSON View – 51.2%

Displays documents within a MongoDB collection in JSON. One of three ways to view data in Studio 3T.

Import/Export Wizard – 46.2%

Easy, straightforward MongoDB import and export in the following formats: JSON, CSV, SQL, BSON/mongodump, and MongoDB collection.

Table View – 43.5%

The powerful spreadsheet view that supports showing/hiding embedded fields next to parent columns, showing/hiding columns, and more.

IntelliShell – 42.5%

Our robust mongo shell that autocompletes JavaScript standard library functions, shell-specific types and methods, operators, collection names, field names, and shell helper commands. A real time-saver.

Aggregation Editor – 40.6%

The MongoDB aggregation query builder within Studio 3T that lets you build queries one stage at a time, so that you can check inputs and outputs as you go.

There’s loads of Studio 3T features big and small that can help you carry out your tasks as you smoothly transition to MongoDB Atlas. Regardless of you hosting provider, we hope you keep enjoying the same time-saving MongoDB GUI and IDE – and stay tuned for exciting new features in the pipeline!

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