The annual MongoDB conference was in Chicago last week. What a great event. First off, big hugs to all the MongoDB staffers who made it so memorable. After three days of standing and talking constantly, the free masseuse service was a brilliant and much appreciated touch. Equal thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth for a chat, a demo and a fun USB wristband. Special mention to the guys from Anthem, TCS, Heartland, Black Mountain Systems and Walgreens who liked the demo enough to bring their colleagues round too 😉

Eight of us from 3T headed over to Chicago and had probably four or five hundred conversations, doing demos of Studio 3T for old friends (who appear to be loving the new SQL import and query features) and putting the IDE through its paces for hundreds of new users. We managed to give out over 250 6-month trial licenses. Rest assured we’ll be in touch soon to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

Last year in New York it felt like awareness of Mongochef (former name for Studio 3T) was around 20%. This year, it was more like 40% which reflects the 26 releases we’ve done over the last 12 months, the name change, the acquisition of Robomongo (now Robo 3T) and the release of the latest version a month ago  – version 5.3.0. with the new SQL features.

We met up with inspiring MongoDB Master Nuri Halperin who was positively volcanic about offering SQL access to MongoDB. “No, no, no! They have to LEARN!" he argued, admittedly with a big grin on his face. With any luck, this discussion will run and run. Nuri had come up from Santa Monica for the event, but there were data wranglers who had travelled from Australia and Japan, which certainly beat our ten hour trip from Berlin.

The chaps at MongoDB had a slew of new product announcements, including new charting options, now available on Google and Microsoft Azure clouds, and Stitch, their  ‘backend-as-a-service’ launch that builds on Atlas. It was the one booth in the exhibitor hall that was kept fully under wraps right up to the launch (cleverly code-named Mango).

MongoDB laid on plenty of after-hours delights, including the beer tasting on the last night. We were particularly knocked out by the Phobophobia ale brewed by Alarmist. Truly a miracle beer. Brewed in Chicago but tastes like it’s straight out of Belgium, courtesy of a few Trappist monks.

Other shout-outs for making the week special must go to the Palmer House, Miller’s Pub just round the corner, Dearborn’s (round the other corner). Cindy’s rooftop bar, the Untitled speakeasy, Glazed and Infused donuts, and last but not least, Richard’s bar on Milwaukee and Grand Ave.

If you made it to our booth for a chat last week but for whatever reason didn’t get your free 6-month trial license, we’ve got 10 left. Just drop us a line and we’ll sort you out!
Hope to see you at MongoDB World 2018. (Our vote’s for Boston!)

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