We’ve had quite a whirlwind summer here at Studio 3T that we’re only getting around to telling you all about it in the fall! Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to.

MongoDB World 2018

We kicked off June with a transatlantic trip to New York as sponsors of MongoDB World 2018. For the third year in a row, we pitched our manatee booth and had a blast showing folks our MongoDB GUI (Aggregation EditorSQL Query and Query Code were absolute crowd favorites).

MongoDB World 2018 - Studio 3T

Just like in London last year, the audience at MongoDB World has seriously crossed the chasm. This is no longer an early-adopter crowd of teen-something developers, who zealously insist you should never use SQL to query MongoDB. At least half the attendees were from traditional shops with relational set-ups who just want to get the best of both worlds. And we’re here to help them.

Studio 3T | MongoDB World 2018 in New York

Friends of the Manatee launch

Amidst the flurry of #MDBW18 events, we also squeezed in the launch of our Friends of the Manatee program.

We really enjoyed the opportunity to unwind with new and old faces, so we’ll sure to reboot this for next year!

Friends of the Manatee event in New York

Studio 3T 2018.4 +

Once the New York fun was done, it was back to reality in Berlin where we’ve been working on new features, improvements, and fixes.

Studio 3T 2018.4 rolled out new features like Oracle support for SQL import to MongoDB, a smarter, richer IntelliShell, and support for MongoDB 4.0.

Since then, we’ve also added the following: 

HTTP and SOCKS proxy support

You can now connect to external MongoDB databases through a SOCKS or HTTP proxy connection with your Studio 3T  Core, Pro, or Enterprise license.

JSON format chooser

When in JSON document viewer (JSON View > View document or F3), you can now also choose from three JSON formats – mongo shell, simple, mongoexport – just like in JSON View.

Choose from three JSON formats when in JSON Document Viewer

Connect to MongoDB via macOS Mojave

Following a fix in 2018.4.5, enjoy your MongoDB connection via macOS Mojave without any issues.

Updated bundled MongoDB tools

We’ve updated Studio 3T to support the latest MongoDB version, 4.0.2.

Visual Query Builder redesign

Not quite part of Studio 3T 2018.4, but definitely worth mentioning. We’ve redesigned the Visual Query Builder to be sleeker and more intuitive. Now you can explicitly add AND and OR groups and rearrange your query criteria by drag-and-drop and also by dropdown-and-click from a list.

The Visual Query Builder for MongoDB | MongoDB GUI Tutorial

Fall’s already off to yet another busy start with MongoDB Europe 2018 right around the corner and the finishing touches to 2018.5.0 – so stay tuned.

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