3 Ways to View MongoDB Data

In this post, we'll show you three ways to view documents and collections in Studio 3T. Tree View Table View JSON View Download our MongoDB GUI and follow us step-by-step: Download Studio 3T Get Download Link for Later When you double-click on a connection in the Open Connections Tree, you’ll notice a [...]

Updating and Querying MongoDB Arrays

Introduction The $type Query Operator and Arrays $type Array Inconsistencies Detecting MongoDB Array Fields Common Operations Impacted by Arrays Conclusion Update: If you work with MongoDB data with lots of arrays and embedded fields, make sure to check out our improved Table View. It lets you step into array-valued columns, show nested fields next to parent [...]

How to Sort MongoDB Collection Views

Studio 3T (formerly MongoChef) 1.7.9 ships with a cool new feature: now you can sort MongoDB collection views in one click! While in Table View, you can now tap on any column header to easily sort your current collection view. Download our MongoDB GUI now, in case you haven't yet: Try Studio 3T Get Download [...]