What’s New in Studio 3T 2018.2 | Query Code Added to Aggregation Editor, Export Comparison Results, and More

In this release, Studio 3T adds Query Code to Aggregation Editor and the ability to export comparison results from Data Compare & Sync, among many other improvements. Query Code Added to Aggregation Editor Query Code - the Studio 3T feature that lets you automatically translate MongoDB and SQL queries to JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, [...]

What’s New in Studio 3T 2018.1 | Extended SQL Query Support, Retained Expired Ops, and More

Studio 3T's first release in 2018 brings you extended SQL support for GROUP BY, COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM, and AVG functions, support for additional date formats in CSV imports, and better control for retaining expired operations. Extended SQL Query Support SQL Query - the Studio 3T feature that lets you use SQL to query [...]

Our Favorite MongoDB 3.6 Features

MongoDB 3.6 was finally released this week and it comes with seriously exciting features. We first got an in-depth look at the latest MongoDB version at #MDBE2017. Now that everything is official, behold our list of favorite features and what they mean for you. Retryable Writes Causal Consistency Change Streams New Aggregation Pipeline Stages and [...]

Free MongoDB GUI for Windows, Mac, and Linux

3T Software Labs is very happy to announce that Studio 3T is now available as a free MongoDB GUI for personal, non-commercial use. Windows, Mac, and Linux users, rejoice! Download Studio 3T Get Download Link for Later Drag-and-Drop MongoDB Query Generation Easily build even the most complex MongoDB queries with our Visual Query [...]

MongoDB World 2017 – Awesome Event

The annual MongoDB conference was in Chicago last week. What a great event. First off, big hugs to all the MongoDB staffers who made it so memorable. After three days of standing and talking constantly, the free masseuse service was a brilliant and much appreciated touch. Equal thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth [...]

MongoDB World 2017

With fewer than 3 weeks to go before MongoDB World 2017, the team at Studio 3T are busy! Not only are we getting ready to meet some amazing people again at our stand in Chicago on June 20th - 21st (come on over - we’re at booth 16), but we’ve just launched one of our most [...]

Robomongo has been acquired by 3T

As you may already have seen, we’ve today announced that Robomongo has been acquired by 3T Software Labs (press release). So we wanted to share with the community who have contributed so much to Robomongo’s success the reasons behind this step and why we believe it is good thing for anyone using MongoDB tools. First [...]

3T MongoChef is now Studio 3T

Renaming popular and successful products is a fraught business. Everyone’s heard of famous fails like the ‘New Coke’ debacle, or the switch from the much-loved ‘Royal Mail’ in the UK to the breathtakingly bland ‘Consignia’ – a rebrand that became a re-re-brand when they quickly reverted to ‘Royal Mail’. Even Australia’s proudest savoury spread [...]