Today we are very excited to announce that we have just released MongoChef 4.2.0!

This release brings many improvements and new features you have asked for, for example:

Improved SSH/SSL support

We have significantly expanded our SSH/SSL support. We now support most ciphers, key exchange protocols, message authentication codes (MACs) as well as DER-encoded private keys.

Option to remove a field from matching documents

When you select a field in document and you choose to remove the field, you can now also specify in the ensuing dialog to remove the field only from those fields matching the current query.
remove field from matching documents

Parse “connect-to" database from connection URI

When connecting to the mongo shell, one can pass the shell a connection URI in the following form

mongodb://user:[email protected]:port/my_db?authSource=admin

which will connect the user (who is defined in database “admin") directly to the database “my_db". This concept of course doesn’t directly translate to MongoChef where you see all available databases at once. MongoChef will now parse that connect-to database directly from the URI and add it to the list of manually defined visible databases for the user:

mongodb connection uri

mongodb manual database list

Save binary blob field to file

We have added an option directly to a binary field’s pop-up menu to save the binary blob to file (and to load from a file into the field).

save mongodb binary field to file

Scan entire collection for all fields for CSV export

When exporting documents to CSV, MongoChef by default scans only a subset of documents (usually the documents currently showing in the query result) for field names to suggest as CSV column names. Due to the schema-less nature of MongoDB, this could miss desired fields that in the past had to then be added manually. Now, MongoChef offers a new option to force a scan of the entire collection – which will continuously update the field name list as they are discovered.

Discover all fields for CSV export

Quick feedback when two compared collections are identical

We have added quick and obvious visual feedback to show the user in case the source and target collection during a comparison analysis were found to be identical.

Compare MongoDB collections - identical

Wait, there’s more!

See our full change log for all the details.

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