MongoChef has just gotten even better! We are very pleased to announce that MongoChef 4.4 has been released!

For this release, we have particularly focused on improving the overall user experience of MongoChef even further. Thanks a lot for all those suggestions!

Undocking tabs

Loads of you have requested this. And yes, this is a great productivity booster! You can now easily undock (and re-dock) any tab by just dragging the tab and dropping it off in a new location. Undocking tabs is especially useful in situations where you e.g. want to compare results or move a certain tab to a second monitor.

Filter connections

Over time, your connection list will likely grow to a substantial size. In order to quickly find a certain connection, we have added a filter box to the connection manager. As you type, it will show only those connections that match your input. MongoChef will search all relevant connection fields (name, database, connection type, etc):

mongochef connection filter

Read-only JSON document viewer

This is a seemingly minor addition to MongoChef – after all MongoChef has always had a full-blown JSON document editor. Nonetheless, this a very useful new feature, and an oft-requested one, as it will prevent you from inadvertently making changes to a document when just viewing it.


Dark editor theme

We have implemented another very popular feature request: make the background of the editors in MongoChef dark. And, so, here it is (you can set it in the Preferences):

mongochef dark editor theme

We will be further fine-tuning this over the next iterations. So, please send us your feedback 🙂

Import empty CSV fields as empty strings

We have added an option to our CSV import. You can now specify to import empty CSV fields as empty strings.

mongodb csv import empty strings

Wait, there’s more!

See our full change log for all the details, and our What’s New section for the latest updates!

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