We are very excited to announce the release of Studio 3T 5.1 for MongoDB!

In this release we focused especially on improving performance and on making the UX of your favorite MongoDB client even more refined.

Massive Speed-Up of Data Compare & Sync

We completely reworked the comparison engine and the way that source and target documents are retrieved and compared. This makes Studio 3T’s Data Compare & Sync now up to a 100-fold faster than before!

Read-Only Lock

Few things are as “unfortunate" as accidentally overwriting or deleting data. Studio 3T now has you completely covered here. We have added a read-only button to query result tabs to put your mind at ease so that you can browse all your data with confidence.

Confirm Collection-Wide Updates

Studio 3T will now ask you to confirm when you are about to update or remove all documents in your collection via the bulk update and remove dialog.

Query Builder Honors NumberLong()

We have fixed a corner-case in the query builder. When you drag an Int64 field, the query builder will now construct queries with an explicit “NumberLong()" to accommodate Int64 values that do not fit into doubles.

Wait, there’s more!

See our full change log for all the details.

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