In this release, Studio 3T unveils Auto-Updater, extensions to Data Compare and Sync, and full compatibility with MongoDB 3.6.


It's finally here – the feature you've all been waiting for.

5.7 rolls out with Auto-Updater, which means Studio 3T will automatically update to the latest version after each release. Enjoy all the newest features, improvements, and bug fixes – minus the manual install.

Manually upgrade to 5.7 now and start a new, hassle-free era. Once downloaded, you’ll simply be notified that an update is available and all you need to do is to restart the app.

Extensions to Data Compare and Sync


The new Projection tab lets you specify a source and target projection for your source and target queries, which can also be stored in your configuration file.

The new Projection tab in Studio 3T's Data Compare and Sync lets you specify a source and target projection.

Show only differing fields

In addition to showing differing documents, you can now also show only differing fields for a cleaner comparison.

Show only differing fields for a better comparison using Studio 3T's Data Compare and Sync.

You can find this option under the new View Options dropdown:

Data Compare and Sync view options dropdown

Expand/collapse all

Expand and collapse all your fields – just right-click and done.

Expand and collapse all your fields easily when comparing MongoDB collections on Studio 3T

Read more about Data Compare and Sync to learn how to compare your MongoDB collections, analyze differences, and sync your data easily.

Full MongoDB 3.6 Compatibility

Studio 3T's favorite MongoDB 3.6 features

With 5.7.2, Studio 3T now also fully supports MongoDB 3.6. Read about the new aggregation pipeline operators in Aggregation Editor and our other favorite features here.

Wait, There's More!

Fixes and improvements to import/export and Tree View, just to name a few. View the full list in our changelog.

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