Our very latest release for Studio 3T is 5.4.0. We focused on further improving our user experience in small but significant ways – and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy using Studio 3T even more as a result. You can download the latest version here

Searchable Connection Tree

Your epic quest to find that essential MongoDB Connection is over! We know a lot of you have asked for this, and we’ve (finally) delivered. Sorry it took so long, but it’s worth the wait. Use the new Search Bar to find what you need and fast.

Copying of DB and Collection Names

Do you need to copy a collection name *many* times throughout the day? We know that feeling, and now it’s super quick and easy! Just right-click on the name you need for fast and accurate copy pasting.

Query Builder Multi-Item Dragging

Now, when you need to drag multiple items into the Query Builder, the appropriate fields will appear and in multiple, like magic. This will speed up and enhance your Query Building experience like nothing else. The MongoDB query power at your fingertips compels you!

Download the latest version: Studio 3T – The GUI for MongoDB

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