Just like SQL Querying on MongoDB, the headline feature of Release 5.3.0, our latest release packs another useful feature that will tremendously help those new to MongoDB and save valuable time for those who frequently query in multiple languages.

Query Code

Last week we got a little curious:

And it looks like most of you code in JavaScript while crafting MongoDB queries, raking in 64% of the votes.

Whether you’re part of the majority or not, we have great news: Studio 3T’s newest release rolls out with Query Code, a handy feature that allows you to easily convert MongoDB queries to JavaScript (Node.js), Java (2.x driver API), C#, Python, and the mongo shell language!

Use Query Code to convert a MongoDB query to your app’s driver code in four easy steps. See it in its full glory below, or read more about it on our blog.

Further improvements

Studio 3T 5.5.0 also ships with improvements to multiline comment syntax coloring and specification of target databases in SQL export jobs.

Wait, there’s more!

See our full change log for all the details, and as always, please send your feedback and feature requests our way.

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