Get your Mongo working

Studio 3T is the GUI that makes working with MongoDB easy.
Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

“Studio 3T is the perfect tool for my developers and admins alike… The superb UI makes admin jobs now almost one click, but confident operations.”

“Thanks so much for being an awesome team, caring about customers and errors and making MongoDB a lot of more fun to work with!”

– LAURENCE MOUGHAN, Platform Specialist at Aer Lingus

– ANDREAS KROLL, Managing Director at NTT-SolutionWare GmbH


No, a separate license is not needed. Our licenses are per-user licenses rather than per-machine licenses. That means you may use your license on as many of your machines and VMs in parallel, across all supported OSs, as you wish.

The free personal, non-commercial license can only be used for non-commercial tasks (e.g. hobby projects, education, academic projects, non-paid-for open-source development, etc).

If you use Studio 3T for commercial work, you need a commercial license. As a rule of thumb, if you receive money for the work for which you use Studio 3T, be it directly via a salary or a consulting fee, or indirectly via (current or potential or future) revenue from your software, you are a commercial user.

If you are still in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

The free personal, non-commercial license gives you access to all features of Studio 3T Core and allows you to keep three connections active in the Connection Manager.

This 14 day trial provides access to all the features of Studio 3T including the premium features available with the Studio 3T Pro and Studio 3T Enterprise licenses.

A commercial license for Studio 3T is an annual license, with one year of free updates. That means you can use your license for 1 year. By renewing annually, you help us continue to innovate and add new features to the product.

When you renew, we offer a 20% renewal discount off the current price. All you have to do is contact us at and provide the OrderId of your previous purchase. We will be happy to send you the 20% voucher.

Studio 3T Core is perfect for development teams and individual developers who need a professional, always up-to-speed MongoDB client to explore and manage their NoSQL databases.

Studio 3T Pro builds on top of Studio 3T Core and adds premium features like Schema, Compare and SQL Export capabilities. Use Schema to find structural outliers and anomalies in your data. Or try Compare to gain insight into the differences in your data, speed development and better manage your deployments. Our simple SQL Export wizard quickly generates a file that can be easily imported into all major SQL databases.

Studio 3T Enterprise is designed for larger teams or MongoDB consultants with greater requirements for enterprise-level features such as enhanced security via Kerberos or LDAP. If you are working with a MongoDB Enterprise deployment, Studio 3T Enterprise is the best MongoDB client for you!

We’re always happy to help! Email us at with any questions that you might have about our products.