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Studio 3T is a rich collection of easy to use tools for working with MongoDB

Formerly known as MongoChef. Find out more


Over 100,000 MongoDB developers and administrators use Studio 3T. See what some of them have to say…

The perfect match for your MongoDB team


Full compatibility with current and legacy releases of MongoDB, so your estate is fully secure.


Thoroughly tested new features added with every new update so your team is always advancing.


Fast technical support so you can confidently deliver on time, on budget.

Save Time While Having Fun With MongoDB

Forget about the exhausting task of writing and debugging long command lines and getting stuck in complicated syntax details. Instead, use Studio 3T to confidently and intuitively get work done.

Widely regarded in the NoSQL community as more than just a MongoDB GUI but as the best IDE for MongoDB, our broad yet refined feature set includes everything you need to start working with MongoDB, right away. Studio 3T makes it easier than you ever imagined.

Save Time When Manipulating - Your MongoDB Data With Intuitive and Reliable Tools Studio 3T

Write Scripts Like a Pro

Forgot that method or collection name? IntelliShell‘s rich autocompletion will quickly refresh your memory.

The Visual Query Builder helps you build even the most complex query

Keep Things Simple

Queries can get pretty complex. With this visual Query Builder you only need to know how to drag and drop.

Edit Quickly Anywhere

Small edits should be a quick thing, right? That’s why we make Edits available in-place. Everywhere.

Intelligently Explore Your MongoDB Data

Get the big picture when analyzing the relevant stats for each data type. Dive into the deep detail when spotting outliers and anomalies in your data. Schema Discovery is a premium GUI feature for MongoDB available in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Studio 3T.

Manage Users and Their Roles

Managing your MongoDB users need not be complicated. Our Users & Roles Management feature makes managing users and granting privileges a breeze.

Create Indexes

Need to speed up your queries? Visually creating indexes in Studio 3T is a no-brainer.

Monitor Your Server

Get a clear, real-time visual overview of your server operations, with Pause and Resume functionality for quick snapshots.

Effortlessly Compare and Synchronize Your Data

Compare and synchronize different databases, collections and documents in MongoDB from the comfort of an intuitive GUI. Use the knowledge generated to gain insight into the differences in your data, speed development, debug production issues, and better manage your deployments. Data Compare & Sync is a premium GUI feature for MongoDB available in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Studio 3T.

Migrate Data With Confidence

We know data does not always come in the format that we need. Customized Import & Export easily fixes that.

See Behind the Scenes

Working with large amounts of complex data? It helps to be able to analyze and make tweaks at each step of the Aggregation pipeline.

…and much more

  • Full support of MongoDB 3.4 (read-only views, collations, new aggregation operators)
  • Replica set support
  • Copy & paste collections and documents across servers
  • Support for SSH, SSL, X.509, LDAP (Enterprise), Kerberos (Enterprise)
  • Map-Reduce query builder
  • GridFS support

Efficiently explore your MongoDB now with Studio 3T


Full 14-day-trial, free forever for non-commercial use!

"Thank you for an awesome product and great updates. I always look forward to seeing new versions of Studio 3T and enjoy the enhancements they provide. I also wanted to show my appreciation for your including one of my feature requests in a recent update. Keep up the good work!"

Chris Yates, CTO, Ranking Ladder

"You guys are awesome… I realized there wasn't an easy way to copy and paste collections. Low and behold I found Studio 3T!"

Greg Johnson, Web Developer, SPARK Creative

“I tried Studio 3T and literally copy/pasted the collection over within seconds. So easy! The query/aggregation tools are fantastic, and there are some nifty import/export tools, as well as the ability to modify indexes on the fly!”

Christopher Beets, freelance contracting Web Developer

“As our team matures and grows, Studio 3T has proven to be a critical part of our success. While our team has a wide range of experience with MongoDB, Studio3T is the tool which helps us speak the same language. It’s a welcome and vital member of our team now, and going forward.”

Mark Jacobs, President & Co-Founder, City State Entertainment

"Studio 3T came to the rescue when I was facing issue in aggregating large amounts of complex data. I really liked its simplicity and rich features which helped me learn things very quickly."

Naveen Kumar, Senior Software Engineer, Fabhotels

"Studio 3T is a fantastic product!"

Paul Doyler, COO, On Net Analytics

“We love using this software, for many reasons. Studio 3T has the best user interface that I’ve seen in database software. We love the built-in Aggregate and Map-Reduce functions. We build complex queries with these functions very quickly. This is "MUST HAVE" software for MongoDB developers.”

Peter Gebri, CEO, Trendizz.com

“This is by far the best MongoDB management studio I have used, I had searched high and low for one that could Follow References like you have provided. Thanks a lot and again: great product.”

Graham O’Neale, CEO, Chimpware.com

“Awesome! I tested a lot of MongoDB GUIs, and Studio 3T is the best I've tested: clear and intuitive...”

Dr Jean Michel Beuken, Software Engineer, ABINIT.ORG

“You guys continue to amaze. I just learned about the color-coding of connections and think it is AWESOME. It will surely save my butt on some future dark, stormy, and bleary-eyed night!”

Shawn Searcy, Software Engineer, True Anthem

“Love this app! Glad to see new features (like the HDPI support!) get added and that you listen to your community. I cannot recommend Studio 3T enough!”

Matthew Bonig, President, FourLittleDogs.com

I love Studio 3T. It's a very clean and slick tool. I tried several other MongoDB interfacing tools before trying it and found them very frustrating. Some wouldn't even connect to instances that I was able to connect with in Studio 3T. As a result, I only use Studio 3T for configuring my MongoDB instances. Thank you for creating such a great tool!"

Joe Levis, Senior Build & Release Engineer, WET Design

“So far I have been very impressed. Studio 3T is exactly the MongoDB tool I was looking for.”

William Tolley, Manager of Data Services, Transport Insight LLC

“The best MongoDB client on the planet. Thank you guys, I love Studio 3T!”

Anıl Selim Sürmeli, Senior Software Developer, Hepsiburada.com

"FOOTY.COM chose to use Studio 3T based on its early support for key MongoDB features that were essential for us. We love that the team at 3T are always open to suggestions and improvements, and their support is always quick and friendly."

Rob Offer, Head of Software Development, FOOTY.COM

"Thanks so much for being an awesome team, caring about customers and errors and making MongoDB a lot of more fun to work with!"

Andreas Kroll, Managing Director, NTT-SolutionWare GmbH

"Thanks for letting us use your tool, Studio 3T provides us useful tools to produce outcomes in our researches. It's an awesome tool."

Francisco Gonzalez Hernandez, Computational science doctoral student, Instituto Tecnológico de Culiacán

"As someone who's been working extensively with mongo on the console throughout the last few months, any GUI is better than no GUI. That being said, I'm really enjoying Studio 3T so far, as the learning curve is minimal and the UI/UX is just what I need to hit the ground running. No complaints so far, and I liked it so much I installed it on both my machines."

Gary Sapozhnikov, Back-End developer, Wrevel.com

"I have been using Studio 3T for last few days, and have found it to be a very powerful tool. I was previously using both Mongobooster and Robomongo. However, these tool stand nowhere in comparison to Studio 3T. I congratulate the 3T Software Labs team on creating such a wonderful tool. Keep it up!"

Harish Bisht, Project Lead, Techinfiniti Info Solutions

"MongoChef appears to have features I'd very much like to use. One feature that, as simple as it is, I love is being able to just copy and paste a Mongo URI to create a new connection. I also love the super-easy in-place editing, which in the other products I've used is always one or two steps more complicated. At Qeek we use Heroku and Mongo* addons so this is just a simple, easy-to-use feature that makes my day better."

Rajit Singh, Co-Founder, Qeek qeek.co

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