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Studio 3T is the MongoDB GUI and IDE available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Used by most MongoDB professionals and free for non-commercial use, Studio 3T makes working with MongoDB easy with features like Visual Query Builder, IntelliShell, SQL Query, Aggregation Editor, and much more.

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The MongoDB GUI Studio 3T is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Over 100,000 developers and administrators use Studio 3T as their preferred MongoDB GUI and IDE. See what some of them have to say…

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Full compatibility with current and legacy MongoDB releases, so your estate is fully secure.


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Studio 3T Makes MongoDB Easy

Forget about the exhausting task of writing and debugging long MongoDB commands and getting stuck in complicated syntax details. Instead, use Studio 3T to confidently and intuitively get work done.

Widely regarded in the NoSQL community as the best MongoDB client available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, our broad yet refined feature set includes everything you need to start working with MongoDB, right away. Studio 3T makes it easier than you ever imagined.

Make working with MongoDB easy with our GUI, Studio 3T
A full mongo shell integration with smart autocompletion is available on our MongoDB GUI, Studio 3T

Save Time with a Smarter mongo Shell

Forgot that MongoDB collection name? IntelliShell‘s rich autocompletion will quickly refresh your memory.

Screenshot of Studio 3T Query Builder

Build Your MongoDB Query Visually

MongoDB queries can get pretty complex. With the Visual Query Builder you only need to know how to drag and drop.

Studio 3T lets you edit data in-place by double-clicking on a field

Edit Your MongoDB Data In-Place

Small edits should be a quick thing, right? That’s why we make edits available in-place. Everywhere.

Our MongoDB GUI Studio 3T has a SQL Query feature that lets you use SQL to query MongoDB

Query MongoDB with SQL

NoSQL meets SQL on Studio 3T. With our SQL Query feature, not only can you write SQL queries to query MongoDB, but also view how they translate to JavaScript, Java, C#, Python and the mongo shell language – a convenient way of working and learning for beginners and advanced users alike. Or if you prefer, stay in SQL mode and import/export your data seamlessly between MongoDB and any of the four biggest relational databases: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle or PostgreSQL.

MongoDB user management is made easy with Studio 3T

Manage MongoDB Roles and Users

Our Users & Roles Management feature makes managing MongoDB users and granting roles a breeze.

Create MongoDB indexes effortlessly with Studio 3T

Create MongoDB Indexes

Need to speed up your queries? Visually creating MongoDB indexes in Studio 3T makes it quick and easy.

Screenshot of Studio 3T Server status Monitor

Monitor Your MongoDB Server

Get a clear, real-time visual overview of your MongoDB server operations, with Pause and Resume functionality for quick snapshots.

Compare and sync data effortlessly with Studio 3T

Compare and Sync MongoDB Databases and Collections

Compare and synchronize different MongoDB databases, collections and documents from the comfort of our intuitive MongoDB GUI and IDE. Use the knowledge generated to gain insight into the differences in your data, speed development, debug production issues, and better manage your deployments. Data Compare & Sync is a premium feature available in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Studio 3T.

Our GUI and IDE supports a wealth of MongoDB import and export options in multiple formats

Import to and Export from MongoDB in Various Formats

We know data does not always come in the format that we need – customized Import & Export easily fixes that. Studio 3T supports SQL, JSON, CSV and BSON/mongodump formats for seamless data import and export to and from MongoDB.

The Aggregation Editor feature is available on our MongoDB GUI Studio 3T Core edition, which is free for non-commercial use

Break Down MongoDB Aggregate Queries

Working with large amounts of complex data? Now you can analyze and make tweaks at each step of the aggregation pipeline using the Aggregation Editor.

…and much more

  • Full support of MongoDB 3.4 (read-only views, collations, new aggregation operators)
  • Replica set support
  • Copy & paste MongoDB collections and documents across servers
  • Support for SSH, SSL, X.509, LDAP (Enterprise), Kerberos (Enterprise)
  • Map-Reduce query builder
  • GridFS support

Efficiently explore your data now with Studio 3T – the best MongoDB GUI and IDE available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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