About the team behind Studio 3T for MongoDB

We’re a team of creators and big thinkers. And we’re serious about building the most powerful MongoDB client tools to make your life easier.

Anthony Dillon
Anthony DillonOnline Marketing & Customer Experience Specialist
Anthony sits on the customer facing side of things. While helping customers get the most out of whichever edition of Studio 3T they’re working with, he also makes sure the word gets out to the wider world about new features and functionality. As an expat from down-under, he spends as much free time as possible seeking out adventure throughout Germany and the rest of Europe, and talking far too much about food.
Christoph Husse
Christoph HusseSenior Software Engineer
Chris likes to create reliable library and framework components based on test-driven development. In his spare time he enjoys dancing, sports, paleo food and self-improvement. He studied Computer Science at Freie Universtiät Berlin and University of Toronto. Before joining, Chris spent two years creating critical infrastructure services for Citrix.
Dmitry Dvoinikov
Dmitry DvoinikovSenior Software Engineer
Dmitry has nearly thirty years experience of software programming. He started at the age of 12 and has developed over the years a particular fascination with network services, distributed databases, security and usability. These all touch directly on the most important element in computing technology: the human user. Together with his wife he lives in Berlin, the capital of great vegetarian cuisine and loves jazz, yoga and bikes.
Piotr Gwizdała
Piotr GwizdałaSenior Quality Engineer
Piotr is an automation and quality evangelist with a passion for everything Java. Prior to joining 3T, he was implementing AIXM/WXXM consumers for weather systems at Boeing R&D, and leading a team of automation engineers at Wolters Kluwer, bringing clean code culture to law, and regulatory systems. When not bringing quality to code, applications or life, Piotr can be found traveling to distant countries or deeply buried in exploring his love for useless trivia.
Vassilis Kazazakis
Vassilis KazazakisSenior Software Engineer
No matter what else, programming has always been a companion to Vassilis, ever since he was a little kid, starting off with QuickBasic. A researcher with a Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics from the Universiteit van Amsterdam, he’s also worked in IT Consulting, ERP software and web development as well as multiple freelance projects. In his free time, he loves playing classical piano and Greek folk guitar as well as tango dancing, table-tennis and volleyball. He currently lives in the best place to be, Berlin, enjoying building top-of-the-line software for 3T.
Yvonne Karwig
Yvonne KarwigCustomer Experience Specialist
Providing exceptional customer satisfaction has been at the forefront of Yvonne’s career to date: whether creating tutorials for technical walkthroughs or teaching English to non-native speakers, she enjoys engaging with people and providing an optimised solution to a wide range of queries. A newcomer to Berlin, she enjoys discovering the humongous variety of cuisines available at every corner, whether it be the infamous curry wurst, or the divisive location of the Best Doner.
Thomas Zahn
Thomas ZahnCo-Founder
Having grown up with a living room that was essentially the office of his mother’s software start-up in the 80s, Thomas is a dyed-in-the-wool software engineer. In the past, he has worked for large outfits such as Microsoft Research and Nokia as well as for specialised engineering shops and start-ups. He lives in Berlin with his wife and two kids, and loves tennis and hiking (though, bizarrely, he constantly seems to find no time to do much of either those two). Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Freie Universität Berlin.
Tomasz Naumowicz
Tomasz NaumowiczCo-Founder
Tomasz’s first code was drawing circles on his C128D, and from there he started to explore the exciting field of computing. He had fun working with devices having less than 1024 bytes of memory, has worked in software development and research, at large enterprises, and small start-ups. Building rock solid software – this is what he really enjoys and has been doing for years now. Tomasz holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Freie Universtiät Berlin. He lives in Berlin and loves to spend time outdoors, windsurfing, and sailing.
Graham Thomson
Graham ThomsonCo-Founder
It all started with a Dragon 32… and has led to here, the most exciting place to be in software and databases right now. After helping hunt for the Higgs at CERN, and building large-scale, intelligent systems in industry, Graham is now doing the best job of all – building the best MongoDB client that empowers you to achieve world-class performance.
Graham holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde.

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Founded in late 2013 in Berlin by 3 friends and NoSQL enthusiasts with many years of experience in both academic research and professional software engineering, 3T Software Labs was born from our daily experiences working together on large-scale NoSQL-backed projects.

While we loved the experience of working with NoSQL databases and found their flexibility truly liberating, we often wished we had the same mature, solid and professional development tools at our disposal that have been available for traditional RBMSs. So we decided to build the finest MongoDB client on the market to facilitate the jobs of MongoDB developers and administrators – simply by professionals, for professionals!