Meet the Studio 3T Team

At 3T we try to make the most helpful MongoDB tools on the market. We don't stop at "best tools out there", we keep adding new features and improving old ones with every monthly release. Taking user feedback seriously means we are widely recommended for our responsiveness, and our users are rightly proud to see their own ideas helping drive our products forward.

We make tools that have been thoroughly tested, tools you can trust. Tools that enable our customers to release the full power of MongoDB. Here’s us.

Dmitry Dvoinikov

Senior Software Engineer

Ricardo Pires

Senior Software Engineer

Andreu Bastardas

Senior Software Engineer

Yvonne Karwig

Customer Experience Specialist

Jake Dawson

Senior Front-End Developer

Stefano Pignataro

UX Designer

Kathryn Vargas

Online Marketing Specialist

Leigh Cooper

Content Marketer

Sruthi Varanasi

Performance Marketing Specialist

Anthony Dillon

Head of Sales

Daniel Foulkes

Account Based Marketing Researcher

Scott Parker

Sales Specialist

Becky Brown

Sales Specialist

Hannah Wagner

Sales Specialist

Vicky Barnett

Sales Specialist

Stephan Weiss

Head of Engineering

Daniel Adler

QA Engineer

José Vasco

Software Engineer

Hugo Almeida

Software Engineer

Matt Werbin

Head of QA

Sean Sexton

Senior QA Engineer

Paul Charters

QA Engineer

Rico Dittrich

Software Engineer

Donovan Kinney

Senior QA Engineer

Alperen Pulur

Software Engineer

Magda Matylla

Team Assistant

Monika Głąbiak

Senior Account Manager

Richard Collins


Graham Thomson

CTO / Co-Founder

Thomas Zahn

CEO / Co-Founder

Hugh Manatee & BFF

3T Mascots