Date: April 5th, 2022
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3T Software Labs releases Studio 3T Free 

Studio 3T, now available in a free edition
Studio 3T, the MongoDB IDE
  • Leading MongoDB IDE opens the door to non-paying users 

BERLIN, GERMANY : 5th April 2022 – MongoDB has been an astonishing success story since its foundation in 2007. It’s now the database of choice for tens of millions of developers the world over. Parallel to the MongoDB story, Studio 3T has become the world’s most widely used commercial client for professional users of MongoDB; those users who are looking to get more done, and to do it faster because their bottom line demands it.

“Studio 3T launched in 2014 with three tools and a single edition,” remembers CEO Dr. Thomas Zahn. “Since then, we have added Professional and Ultimate editions to cater to larger teams with more complex challenges. And over those eight years we’ve grown sustainably by focusing on what developers actually tell us they want.” 

3T has now decided to release a free edition of Studio 3T to provide for the ever increasing numbers of developers who are choosing MongoDB. Starting today, it’s available for download here.  Read on to find out more about how and why 3T reached this milestone.

Why now?

CTO Dr. Graham Thomson explains: “In 2017 we took on responsibility for the popular free GUI project, Robomongo, later rebranding it as Robo 3T. We’ve been releasing annual updates to ensure Robo 3T stays compatible with the latest versions of MongoDB. However, the MongoDB platform itself has moved on to a new Node-based mongosh command line client which Robo 3T cannot work with.”

“We believe there is a simple solution. Instead of building a whole new Robo 3T from the ground up to work with mongosh, we have created a far better experience with a free-forever edition of Studio 3T. The new Studio 3T Free edition uses the same thoroughly tested and professional codebase as Studio 3T itself.”

What this means for the future

  • Users needing a free tool will benefit from monthly maintenance updates instead of annual updates. 
  • Free users get continuous bug fixes alongside users of the commercial editions. 
  • Users of the free edition will always be compatible with the latest version of MongoDB.
  • Access to professional-grade, shell-centric tooling for MongoDB at zero cost 

It also means that 3T can streamline the allocation of resources within their development team. This will allow them to move faster to respond to all users’ needs. Being able to focus on a single codebase means that commercial and non-commercial customers alike will enjoy better features, fewer bugs and smoother performance. And all delivered faster than ever before. 

“Community matters to us,” CEO Zahn emphasizes, “And as part of creating Studio 3T Free, we’re also rolling out a new community forum and knowledge exchange which will enable sharing of best practices and solutions to problems, centered around actual users of Studio 3T but with the added input from our engineering experts.”

A video demonstrating the capabilities of Studio 3T Free is available to view.

About 3T Software Labs

3T Software Labs – “The MongoDB Tools Company” – helps hundreds of thousands of MongoDB developers and administrators the world over, by providing the most highly rated and widely used MongoDB client tools on the market, available on the Studio 3T GUI and IDE, together with extensive learning resources at Academy 3T.