"We're aiming to support maybe 100 million lifetime users."

Scott Griffiths

Senior Programmer, SEGA HARDlight


What our customers are saying:

A critical part of our success

"As our team matures and grows, Studio 3T has proven to be a critical part of our success. While our team has a wide range of experience with MongoDB, Studio 3T is the tool which helps us speak the same language. Using it, less experienced developers can safely get their database work done, thus freeing up our more experienced developers to complete their own tasks. Without it, we would have to wait for our team's MongoDB experts to do our tasks, which would lead to more mistakes and more wasted time. Thus, Studio 3T is a welcome and vital member of our team now, and going forward."

Mark Jacobs

President and Co-founder, City State Entertainment, LLC

"Love this app! Glad to see new features (like the HDPI support!) get added and you listen to your community. I cannot recommend Studio 3T enough!"

Matthew Bonig

Owner/President of Four Little Dogs, LLC

"Studio 3T is the perfect tool for my developers and admins alike. With Intellishell and Query Browser, newcomers to Mongo can work with ease. The superb UI makes admin jobs now almost one click, but confident operations."

Laurence Moughan

Unix Sysadmin & Platform Specialist, Platform Services, IT

"Thanks so much for being an awesome team, caring about customers and errors and making MongoDB a lot of more fun to work with!"

Andreas Kroll

Managing Director,
NTT-SolutionWare GmbH

Studio 3T – the IDE for MongoDB


More polished and definitely more powerful

"I really like being able to add & edit fields like it does - that's really handy. Overall the product seems to be really well done - a bit more polished and definitely more powerful than the other GUI's out there."

Bryan Terrell

Co-founder & CTO
FlyBuy Technologies, inc.

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"This is by far the best MongoDB management studio I have used, I had searched high and low for one that could Follow References like you have provided. Thanks a lot and again: great product."

Chris Yates

CTO, Ranking Ladder

"You guys continue to amaze. I just learned about the color-coding of connections and think it is AWESOME. It will surely save my butt on some future dark, stormy, and bleary-eyed night!"

Shawn Searcy

Software Engineer, True Anthem

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"Studio 3T is an essential part of our development and diagnostic process, without it we'd find using MongoDB utterly impractical."

Francis West

Founder & Lead Developer

"You guys are awesome… I realized there wasn't an easy way to copy and paste collections. Low and behold I found Studio 3T!"

Greg Johnson

Web Developer, SPARK Creative

The best MongoDB client on the planet. Thank you guys, I love Studio3T!

Anıl Selim Sürmeli

Senior Software Developer, Hepsiburada.com

Find Out Why Studio 3T Is The Expert's Choice


"Studio3T came to the rescue when I was facing issues in aggregating large amounts of complex data. I really like its simplicity and rich features which enabled me to learn things very quickly. Overall, Studio3T is a really good solution for dealing with all Mongo operations."

Naveen Kumar

Senior Software Engineer
Fab Hotels

"The best! I've used it more than 1 year and would not change it for another."

Anderson Guilherme

CEO, Ocean CRM

We love to use this software

"We love to use this software, because of many reasons. Studio 3T has best user interface that I have ever seen in database software. We love the built-in aggregate and map-reduce functions. We build complex queries with these functions very quickly. So I KNOW this is the "MUST HAVE" software for MongoDB developers"

Peter Gebri

Trendizz.com / Golang.hu

"FOOTY.COM chose to use Studio 3T based on its early support for key MongoDB features that were essential for us. We love that the team at 3T are always open to suggestions and improvements, and their support is always quick and friendly."

Rob Offer

Head of Software Development

"Studio 3T is an essential part of our development and diagnostic process, without it we'd find using MongoDB utterly impractical. It has saved us from countless hours of diagnostic trauma and is probably one of the most reliable tools we've used in any part of our operation. It's quick, lightweight, powerful, well laid-out and stable. It feels like it was made by people who intimately understand the problems we experience and have taken time to provide solutions that 'just work'. It sets an example that others should follow. Thank you, and keep up the great work!"

Francis West

Founder / Programmer

"3T MongoChef is a fantastic product!"

Paul Doyler

COO, On Net Analytics

"I tried Studio 3T and literally copy/pasted the collection over within seconds. So easy! The query/aggregation tools are fantastic, and there are some nifty import/export tools, as well as the ability to modify indexes on the fly!"

Christopher Beets

Freelance Web Developer

"Awesome! I tested a lot of GUIs, such as as rockmongo, adminMongo ... and Studio3T is the best I've tested: clear and intuitive..."

Dr Jean Michel Beuken

Software Engineer, ABINIT.ORG


"The cost of our team members is measured in Dollars, but the opportunity value of their time is much higher - when Studio 3T saves them time, it means our customers see our product improve even faster. It pays off within the first month."


CTO at Concured

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Studio 3T’s SQL Query feature boosts my productivity tremendously.

"Although I’m an experienced SQL-Developer and DB-Admin, I always struggled with MongoDB’s query-language. The SQL Query feature is the door opener for all “relational-guys”. I’ve tried a lot of MongoDB-GUIs - Studio 3T beats them all."

Peter Kessler

Freelance Database Lecturer

If it hadn’t been for Studio 3T, I probably would’ve just left it all in the SQL database.

"So the problem was, how do I migrate the data that’s been collected over the last 10 years from MySQL over to MongoDB? And that’s when I found Studio 3T. The project is ongoing and I continue to run migrations almost every day, trying to get the data moved over in the perfect way. It’s been invaluable and I don’t know how we would have gotten this far without it, to tell you the truth."

"And, so the nice thing about Studio 3T, is I can just tell it to drop the connection on the next import and or collection and, just re-run the import process. It takes about, I don’t know, 32 hours, for most of our tables to do a complete migration. So it’s, it’s a little involved, but Studio 3T just does it so perfectly. I mean, I could not imagine trying to do it myself by hand... If it hadn’t been for Studio 3T, I probably would’ve just left it all in the SQL database."

"You just specify your relationship between which field and which table, and you specify what you’re going to join on. As far as this column relating to that column. And then it automatically goes and interrogates the database and comes back with a list of fields that’ll be available for you after it does this, after it creates this relationship, you just pick... I want these in an array, or I want these in a nested object, or I want these, at the same level as the main object. So really... it’s kind of the funnest part of my job, just because it’s so quick, it’s so effective. And it’s the kind of thing that people missed because, without a tool like this, it would take ages."

Rand Nix

IT Director, Wakefield Inspection Services