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Studio 3T 2023.4.1 (17 May 2023)
In terms of impacting our operating costs, Studio 3T is a tremendous time-saver. If we didn’t have Studio 3T it would probably take ten times longer.
Martin Adamec
CTO, Datadock Solutions
The amount of time saved within the entire org using the Visual Query Builder is well worth the price of licenses!
Eric Hirshfield-Yamanishi
SDET, FloQast

Top Studio 3T features to boost performance


Advanced IntelliShell with auto-completion

Export & Import

From/to CSV, JSON, SQL and BSON/mongodump

Visual Query Builder

Intuitive drag-and-drop query builder

Code generation

Query code generation supporting six languages


Easy-to-use SQL query


Powerful Aggregation Editor


Automatic task scheduler


Schema explorer
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