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Macro Case Studies

"In our production database with 11 million accounts, I can very easily get a sample of the production data, importing and exporting using Studio 3T. "

Scott Griffiths, Senior Programmer, SEGA HARDlight

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"When Studio 3T saves [our team at Concured] time, it means our customers see our product improve even faster. It pays off within the first month."

Thomas Wilson, CTO at Concured

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"Each developer saves a day per week when using Studio 3T, the 9 strong team derives 9 x $396 per week in productivity value. Annually that adds up to a $185,796 saving on the bottom line"

Terryberry Development Team

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"We need a tool that really is simple to use, that is obvious and intuitive, that is quick, that is flexible – and Studio 3T was all those things and more – in the big things, and in the small things."

Jessica Janiuk - Senior Software Engineer, Spoiler Alert

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"I easily save 10 - 15 hours per week
since moving to Studio 3T"

Pierre Yves Folens

DevOps Engineer - Orange


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"Studio 3T is the tops for me"
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"It's made a massive difference to our ability to work with and develop our MongoDB database. The Studio 3T team have always responded well to feedback we've sent. You guys rock!"

Barnaby Hart

Software Engineer - PR Gloo