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Integration of Studio 3T into the management and analysis of the MongoDB database has significantly improved the efficiency and reliability of handling our large-scale image datasets, in excess of six million images and growing.
Jonas Mortelmans, Science Officer
Flanders Marine Institute
In our production database with 11 million accounts, I can very easily get a sample of the production data, importing and exporting using Studio 3T.
Scott Griffiths Senior Programmer
When you have several thousand collections, it’s crucial to be able to find stuff fast. Studio 3T is a lifesaver for that.
Dan Cumings
Development Manager, Terryberry
I would say, individually we save 6-10 hours per week by using Studio 3T. As a team, that adds up to 50 hours per week.
Michael Bryce Herrington

… and much more

The fact is that without Studio 3T’s SQL Migration tool it would have been impractical to run this development the way we have. […] It is a sheer pleasure to use.
Rand Nix
IT Director, WIS
After evaluating all other options within the team, Studio 3T easily won the competition. It’s hard to imagine working with MongoDB without Studio 3T anymore.
Slava Levs
Lead Developer, Viriciti

Studio 3T is the favourite GUI for MongoDB

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1.3 Million

queries are executed every week

1.5 Million

exports are performed per year

More than half

of our users, use Studio 3T every day

We no longer have to SSH into the mongo server and run queries from JavaScript files or through the mongo shell. This alone saves us 5-10 hours per person per week, which adds up to a huge savings with five people regularly using Studio 3T.
Jason Frame
CTO, Southern Nevada Health District
Outstanding product, always moving forward.
Neil Russell
Solution Development Specialist, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
In terms of impacting our operating costs, Studio 3T is a tremendous time-saver. If we didn’t have Studio 3T it would probably take ten times longer.
Martin Adamec
CTO, Datadock Solutions
Studio 3T is the tops for me. In only 30 minutes I can gain one whole day of work when building aggregation queries.
Pierre Yves Folen
DevOps Engineer, Orange
Studio 3T is an awesome tool for working with MongoDB. It has become one of our most reliable and important software tools, for completing daily activities in a very short time. It’s great for exploring MongoDB data. The step-by-step Aggregation and Map Reduce Editors are the best among all the tools we’ve tried to date.
Prashanti Nilayam
Software Development Engineer, CISCO

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