Cisco and Studio 3T

Studio 3T saves our team more than 20 hours work per week!

Prashanti Nilayam, Software Development Engineer

On moving to Studio 3T

Studio 3T is an awesome tool for working with MongoDB. It has become one of our most reliable and important software tools, for completing daily activities in a very short time.

It’s great for exploring MongoDB data. The step-by-step Aggregation and Map Reduce Editors are the best among all the tools we’ve tried to date.

First started using MongoDB


Hours saved per week

Studio 3T saves our team more than 20 hours work per week

Reason for choosing Studio 3T

To be able to work faster than we could with Compass

First MongoDB admin tool

MongoDB Compass

Most used Studio 3T features

In-Place Editing, IntelliShell, JSON View, Query Code, Tree View, Index Manager, Aggregation Editor, Map Reduce

Cisco uses Map-Reduce for productivity

Use the MapReduce screen to easily process each document and emit one or more objects for each input document. This is followed by a reduce stage that combines emitted objects from the output of the map operation.