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For the less experienced user, the visual query builder offers a soft entry into database interaction and helps the user to learn the query language.

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Experience Intuitive Visual Query Building

Simplify Query Creation with a Visual Editor

Make Query Writing Easier

With Visual Query Builder, users can easily construct queries without having to know the MongoDB query syntax. Simply drag and drop fields to create a visual representation of the query to get quickly on your way. With its intuitive interface, it’s perfect for both experienced and novice users alike.

Get Fast Results in No Time

Visual Query Builder helps you identify and execute queries faster than ever before. Allowing you to spend more time analyzing data instead of assembling queries. It’s a great tool that provides fast results in no time at all. No more manually typing out complex commands – let Studio 3T do the hard work for you!

Drag and Drop Queries

Say Hello To The Future of Superfast Querying

Complex Queries In A Snap

The simple drag and drops interface makes it easy to create any kind of queries without having to write any code – perfect for those with limited programming skills.

Streamline Your Workflow

Automate tedious and time-consuming tasks so that you can focus your efforts elsewhere. Visual Query Builder helps you streamline your workflow by allowing you to automate processes that would normally take up valuable time and resources.

Get The Best Out Of Intellishell

Identify and execute queries quickly thanks to IntelliShell’s high-performance engine and Visual Query Builder’s intuitive drag-and-drop system. Spending less time assembling queries means that you can spend more time analyzing data instead.

I learnt MongoDB on my own for a project and Studio 3T made it so much easier than earlier shell-based apps. Aggregation Editor and Visual Query Builder have really increased my productivity.

Dr. Eric Mbuthia, Technical Director Access Afya Kenya

Customise Queries Easily

Troubleshoot Queries As You Go

Get Started Quickly

Getting started with Visual Query Builder is easy. You can simply click on the target field then drag the selected field(s) and drop them into the Query Builder.

Refined Querying Experience

The Visual Query Builder provides instant feedback on the validity of your query, allowing you to easily troubleshoot and refine your search.

Syntax Precision

Visual Query Builder eliminates any incorrect syntax from your queries, so you can rest assured that each query is accurate.

The Visual Query Builder has 3 sections: Query, Projection, and Sort. Use drag-and-drop documents to start building a MongoDB query.

The amount of time saved within the entire organisation using the Visual Query Builder is well worth the price of licenses!

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Filter Out Data Seamlessly

Define Values and Operators


The Query section of the Visual Query Builder is a powerful tool for creating advanced and custom queries. By default, the $and operator is used to combine multiple sets of queries, but users have the option to use the $or operator as well. The value type is automatically detected by the Visual Query Builder and can be switched easily by clicking on the Value icon.


The Projection section allows users to include or exclude specific fields from the query results. This can be done by simply adding or removing items from the Field column.


The Sort section allows users to sort query results by a single field, either in ascending or descending order. It provides an efficient way to arrange data according to individual criteria, and is useful when working with large datasets or complex queries.

No More Manual Coding

Play around with MongoDB queries with minimal hassle

Query MongoDB Arrays

You can easily match array elements using the Visual Query Builder, either as a standalone query or as part of an AND/OR group.

View the built query in the mongo shell language

The drag and drop builder also displays the built query in mongo shell syntax under the Main Query Bar, which also shows the changes made to it as it’s being built.

Generate JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP and C# code 

Translate built queries into JavaScript (Node.js), Java (2.x and 3.x driver API), Python and C# easily. The equivalent code can be accessed from the Query Code tab by selecting the desired language.

Why choose Studio 3T’s Effortless Query Building Experience?

Our Customers Speak: Let Their Words Inspire You!

I really like its simplicity and rich features which enabled me to learn things very quickly. Overall, Studio3T is a really good solution for dealing with all Mongo operations.

Naveen Kumar, Software Engineer, Fab Hotels

The cost of our team members is measured in Dollars, but the opportunity value of their time is much higher – when Studio 3T saves them time, it means our customers see our product improve even faster. It pays off within the first month.

Thomas Wilson, CTO, Concured

We build complex queries with these functions very quickly. So I KNOW this is the “MUST HAVE” software for MongoDB developers.

Peter Gebri, CEO, Trendizz.com / Golang.hu

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