Take task automation up a notch now that Task Scheduler is available for all. And if you’d still like to level up, you can even export files directly to your server – with Server 3T.

Headline features

Task Scheduler | Now available in all editions

You’ve saved time by saving tasks – now you can schedule them too.

The Tasks feature is a massive time-saver. You can configure an import or an export, save it as a task, and then run it whenever you need to, with no need for repeat set-ups. We’re glad to hear that saving tasks has helped you work faster, but Core and Pro users mentioned that something was missing: the ability to schedule them.

We’ve listened to your feedback and made Task Scheduler – originally an Enterprise-only tool – available in all editions, so now everyone can schedule imports and exports.

Save and schedule Tasks in Studio 3T using the Task Scheduler

Pro users can additionally schedule data comparisons and Reschema jobs, while Enterprise users can schedule all tasks including SQL migrations and data masking jobs.

Read more about Task Scheduler and schedule your first task today.

Server 3T | Support for exports added

We’ve added support for exports in Server 3T, which means you can export CSV, JSON, BSON/mongodump, or SQL files directly from Studio 3T to your server.

Run an on-demand Server 3T task
Export to your server on-demand

Run a scheduled Server 3T task
Or schedule the exports to run on your server

Server 3T is a server-side job automation tool for MongoDB that Core, Pro, and Enterprise users can try for free.

The current Server 3T version supports these tasks, which you can run remotely on an existing Windows or Linux server:

  • Export to JSON
  • Export to CSV
  • Export to BSON/mongodump
  • Export to SQL
  • Export to another collection
  • SQL to MongoDB Migration
  • MongoDB to SQL Migration

You can claim your free 512 MB credit automatically by connecting a Server 3T instance with your Studio 3T license in the License Manager.

Download Server 3T to get started, or learn more about it here.

New features

Copy and paste query results to Excel and CSV

Small features pack a punch too – like this highly-upvoted request. Now you can select documents while in Table View, right-click to copy, then paste them straight to Excel – with or without headers.

Copy and paste MongoDB query results to Excel

Pasting to CSV? We’ve extended that functionality too, so now you can also copy selected documents without the headers.

See it in action here, or try these other handy copy-paste features in Studio 3T in case you haven’t yet:

Fixes and improvements

User shout-outs

Many thanks to Michael Swanson and Jonas de Kegel for reporting the bug in Data Compare & Sync – now it’s possible to compare collections on MongoDB Atlas free tier; Matt Deegler for suggesting auto-word wrapping support in our multi-line text editor; Mattias Ekberg for reporting the bug regarding the application hanging when disconnecting without a network connection; Hristo Hristakiev for reporting a different bug when changing field types; Ben Cheung for suggesting to exclude the $out stage when counting aggregation results; Sven Varkel for suggesting to restore a previous functionality in Query History; and to everyone else who contributed to this release.


  • Fixed issue of the application freezing when disconnecting without a network connection
  • Fixed margin and dialog layout issues (macOS Big Sur only)
  • Fixed query formatting; now includes missing spaces
  • Multi-line text editor now supports automatic word wrapping

Aggregation Editor

  • Now excluding $out and $merge stages when counting aggregation results
  • Included “Other" option in the stage operator drop-down menu

Collection Tab

  • Fixed bug when changing field types using “Document matching query criteria" and field types that don’t support conversion

Connection Manager

  • Fixed “RSA modulus is even" error when opening SSH tunnel
  • Now preserving the checkbox state when changing the order of connections during import

Current Operations

  • Restored option to Kill Operation

Data Compare & Sync

  • Added ability to turn off the “noCursorTimeout" option
  • Improved text legibility (macOS only)

Data Masking

  • Fixed crash that could occur when collections contain a OS reserved character

Export Wizard

  • Now pre-filling the Connection Tree in the wizard when choosing “Connection Tree item" as a source

GridFS Support

  • Fixed UX issues in the bottom bar of the GridFS Bucket tab

Index Manager

  • Fixed crash that could occur when invalid collation options in “Add Index" tab are chosen, improved validation error messages


  • Restored parsing of multiple, non-contiguous documents and arrays; now showing up to 10 result tabs for such documents and arrays
  • Fixed crash that could occur when executing invalid queries at cursor

Query History and Bookmark Manager

  • Clicking the down arrow now opens the query history and searches for the text present in the query bar
  • Fixed layout issues; “Overview" component no longer disappears when changing the window width


  • Now correctly applying the chosen insertion mode when updated

Session Restore

  • Fixed Session Restore for Visual Query Builder
  • Fixed checkboxes in the Query section when using Light Mode (Linux only)

SQL to MongoDB Migration

  • Improved UX when importing units using custom SQL queries

Visual Explain

  • Now recognizing projections and rendering them correctly

Server 3T

  • Introduced ability to cancel tasks
  • Implemented SSH tunnel support
  • Now showing the progress of long-running operations
  • Now closing MongoDB connections after migrations are closed or finished
  • Now updating status of pending server tasks correctly in the Operations panel

View the full list on our change log.

Download Studio 3T

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