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“AI Helper is a great BI tool. Now your Sales Engineer or CFO can input a data query in normal human language."

Thomas Zahn, Co-Founder and Managing Director, 3T Software Labs GmbH

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Important Information for AI Helper Users: Protecting Your Data and Privacy

AI Helper requires connecting Studio 3T to your own instance of ChatGPT using a unique API key.

No data values are passed via the API key to OpenAI.

AI Helper shares only necessary field names, data types, and natural language queries with OpenAI.

Users of tools leveraging large language models like ChatGPT should be aware of the possible risks of sharing sensitive metadata with a third-party AI provider.

OpenAI will not use data submitted by customers via their API to train or improve the models unless the user explicitly decides to share the data with them for this purpose.

How to install or uninstall Studio 3T


How to install Studio 3T:

Download the latest release of Studio 3T. Start the installer by opening the file. Follow the directions on the screen.

How to uninstall Studio 3T:

  1. On Windows 8 and 10: In Search, enter Control Panel and select Control Panel. Now select Programs, next select Programs and Features, and then select Studio 3T.
  2. On Windows 7: Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.
  3. Select Studio 3T, and then click Uninstall.
  4. Follow the directions on the screen.


How to install Studio 3T:

  1. Download the latest Studio 3T .dmg file.
  2. Open the .dmg file on your machine.
  3. In the ensuing Finder view, please simply drag and drop the Studio 3T .app file into your Applications folder.

How to uninstall Studio 3T:

Locate the file “Studio” in your Applications folder and delete it.


How to install Studio 3T:

Please follow these installation instructions.

How to uninstall Studio 3T:

On Linux, Studio 3T is distributed as a gzipped tarball (.tar.gz). Locate the directory with unpacked Studio 3T’s .tar.gz file and delete it.

How to update

How to update Studio 3T automatically: Open Studio 3T and go to the Help menu. Select Check for updates.

How to update Studio 3T manually:


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Start the installer by opening the file.
  3. Follow the directions on your screen.

Studio 3T’s installer will take care of the entire update process: it will uninstall the previous release, install the new one, and migrate all your connection settings and preferences.


  1. Download the latest Studio 3T release.
  2. Open the .dmg file on your machine.
  3. In the ensuing Finder view, please drag and drop the Studio 3T .app file into your Applications folder.
  4. When prompted, we recommend replacing the previous .app with the new one.


  1. Download the latest Studio 3T .tar.gz file.
  2. Unpack the .tar.gz file to the directory of your choice.
  3. Follow the instructions here How to Install Studio 3T on Linux.

Querying with AI assistance

AI Helper is your AI assistant for MongoDB. It’s a user-friendly interface to your MongoDB database that helps you to build queries easily even if you don’t know how to code. AI Helper is a great BI tool for sales engineers and CFOs to quickly get at sales data.

With AI helper you can:

  • Type in a question in natural language and get an answer
  • Get AI support for writing complex queries, including nested queries and aggregations
  • Generate scripts to run your database queries
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AI Powered Querying Experience

Query Interpretation

The AI helper would be able to understand natural language queries in order to interpret them into MongoDB queries. This would involve parsing the query for relevant keywords, identifying the intent of the query (e.g. select, update, delete), and determining the appropriate syntax for the MongoDB query.

Query Optimization

Once the AI helper has interpreted the natural language query and generated a corresponding MongoDB query, it could also help optimize the query for performance. This might involve analyzing the query for potential bottlenecks, such as long-running aggregation pipelines or excessive use of indexing, and suggesting ways to optimize the query for faster execution.

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Which AI is AI Helper compatible with?

AI Helper is compatible with OpenAI GPT-3.5.

How do I hook up my OpenAI account with AI Helper?

If you don’t already have one, you will need an API key.

  • In Studio 3T, open the Preferences dialog and select the IntelliShell tab.

Paste your key in the OpenAI API Key box and click OK.

If you already have IntelliShell open in Studio 3T and you open AI Helper, the Configure button takes you to the IntelliShell tab, for you to type in your API key.

How do I use AI Helper?
  1. Select a database or a collection in the Collections sidebar.
  2. Open IntelliShell.
  3. Click the AI Helper button.
  4. Start typing your question in the box. If you selected a database in the Collections sidebar, click Select source to choose your collections before you start typing. You can add multiple collections from the same database.
  5. Click Generate query. AI Helper writes your query in the panel to the left.
  6. Click the run button to get your answer. AI Helper displays the answer in the bottom panel.
Does AI Helper share my data?

Studio 3T does not share field values but it does share part of your schema or document structure. It shares collection names, field names, and field types with OpenAI’s services on each request through an encrypted HTTPS connection.

How do I get an OpenAI API key?

You need an OpenAI account to get an OpenAI API key. You can generate an OpenAI API key by following this link:

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Spoiler Alert

Speedy and effective management of rapidly-changing food surplus inventories.

Studio 3T case study – SEGA


Speedy and effective management of rapidly-changing food surplus inventories.

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