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How to Install Studio 3T

If you’re looking for a MongoDB GUI, client, or IDE, we’re happy you’ve found Studio 3T.

Studio 3T is a MongoDB IDE with a fully-featured GUI, client capabilities, and a wealth of convenient, time-saving features, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


MongoDB for Windows

Install the latest MongoDB community edition on your Windows machine following these steps.

MongoDB for Mac

Follow MongoDB’s tutorial to install MongoDB on OSX through either the MongoDB Download Center or Homebrew.

In case you get a Permission denied error after trying to run mkdir -p /data/db, run the following command to make sure the /data/db directory has the right permissions:

sudo chown -R `id -un` /data/db
# Enter your password

MongoDB for Linux

MongoDB provides various packages for popular Linux distributions. View the full list here.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a MongoDB instance through third-party DBaaS providers. Check our our guides on how to connect to Compose, mLab, and ObjectRocket.  

Install Studio 3T

Studio 3T for Windows

Studio 3T is available for Windows 64- and 32-bit systems, with or without a bundled shell.

An .msi installer for 64-bit systems is also available for Studio 3T Enterprise users, also with or without the bundled shell.

  1. Download the latest Studio 3T version.
  2. Start the installer by opening the file.
  3. Follow the directions on the screen.

Click on More download options to find the appropriate installer for your machine. 

Studio 3T for Mac

OS X users can download Studio 3T with or without the bundled shell.

  1. Download the latest Studio 3T .dmg file.
  2. Open the .dmg file on your machine.
  3. Drag and drop the Studio 3T .app file into your Applications folder when prompted.

Studio 3T for Linux (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian)

Studio 3T is available for 64- and 32-bit Linux systems.

It is distributed as a gzipped tarball (.tar.gz), which can be unpacked at the command line or using system utilities such as Archive Manager.

The tarball contains a runnable .sh file that launches the installer for Studio 3T. Using this, you can install Studio 3T to your desired location and create a desktop shortcut to launch Studio 3T.

We support and test against the latest Ubuntu LTS version. Customers have also reported success with other Linux distributions, which you can feel free to evaluate during the free 30-day trial.

For example, to install from the command line:

  1. Open your shell.
  2. cd to the directory where the gzipped tarball (.tar.gz) was downloaded.
  3. Unpack and run the Studio 3T installer.

For the 64-bit version of Studio 3T:

$ tar -xvzf studio-3t-linux-x64.tar.gz
$ sh ./

For the 32-bit version of Studio 3T:

$ tar -xvzf studio-3t-linux-x86.tar.gz
$ sh ./

Make sure to have the following libraries installed:


You don’t need the sh command if the file has sh extension.

Simply run the following command (and adjust accordingly for 64-bit):

$ tar -xvzf studio-3t-linux-x86.tar.gz
$ ./

Now that you’re done with installation, read the Getting Started with Studio 3T guide to navigate the tool like a pro in no time.

Alternatively, check out our Getting Started with MongoDB guide for a comprehensive introduction to the most popular NoSQL database.

Updated on December 18, 2019

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    1. Hello!

      Thanks for writing to us. You’ll find the uninstall directions here: Be sure to select the appropriate OS and then go to the section called ‘How to install or uninstall Studio 3T’, just below the download button.

      Thanks for giving us a try,

  1. studio 3T not support mongodb 2.6.5 version. I can not use it.

  2. How to you deactivate the license used in Studio3T, to use for another user?

    1. Hi Mark!

      To answer your question, you can reassign each seat to a new user once a month. Specifically, this is what our EULA has to say on the subject:
      “[… ]You agree to have the SOFTWARE used […] by the agreed-upon number of all users identifiable on demand. Every user can be replaced by another user only once in a month. From that time on, said first user must not use the SOFTWARE anymore and said second user may start using the SOFTWARE. At no time must the number of known users exceed the number of the acquired licenses (example: If you have bought the SOFTWARE for three users who you can identify on demand, only those three users may use the SOFTWARE. This is true independently of the number and location of the respective installations of the SOFTWARE). ”
      For convenience, there is no special process involved.

    1. Hello!

      We recommend you try to invoke the Studio 3T installer in the command line with the -q flag. However, this will only work for Linux and Windows, given that Mac doesn’t have a dedicated installer.

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