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Which Studio 3T Logs Should You Send?

If Studio 3T keeps crashing:

Please send us the global_exception.log.

If you’re experiencing problems at start-up or with the auto-updater:

Please send us the install4j logs.

If you’re experiencing connection problems:

Please send all relevant screenshots of your connection configuration – as found in the Server, Authentication, SSL, SSH, Proxy and Advanced tabs in the Connection Manager (screenshot example here) and the log.txt file.

If your screenshots contain confidential or sensitive information, you are welcome to disguise this as you wish.

For all other issues: 

Please send us the log.txt file. 

LogsOSFile location
Mac, Linux<home_dir>/.3T/global_exception.log
install4j logs
log.txt file
Mac, Linux<home_dir>/.3T/log.txt
Updated on October 6, 2020

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