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Video Testimonials

Watch these video testimonials from some of our satisfied customers!


SEGA HARDlight Studios is the team behind mobile games such as Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Crazy Taxi: City Rush, and more. Scott Griffiths Senior Programmer, discussed with us the challenges faced when running a live game with millions of users. Listen to how Studio 3T has transformed his Mongo experience. Hear how he uses Studio 3T to edit documents and dive into performance. Most importantly, learn how the software helps keep your favorite blue hedgehog running at full speed.


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Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert is a Boston-based, venture-backed technology startup transforming the food industry. Using Spoiler Alert allows food manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and grocery retailers manage unsold inventory more effectively.



For Spoiler Alert, it is important to have an easy to use tool that could work with MongoDB – as speed, reactivity, and flexibility are needed in this fast-paced environment. Data integrity, and simplicity in managing information, is of paramount significance to Spoiler Alert. With multiple databases in use by several engineers and developers, ensuring that collections are handled securely without being accidentally overwritten is crucial.

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Updated on December 5, 2019

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