Data Masking for MongoDB

Discover the MongoDB data masking tool in Studio 3T Ultimate. Enable data compliance and bolster security with powerful field-level data obfuscation.

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Copy and share data – the compliant way

Mask sensitive data throughout your pipeline

MongoDB data masking tool that allows masking based on regex

Choose a masking method per field

Anonymize each field as needed: show initials only, substitute entire fields or those matching regex, null values – you name it.

Preview the masked data

The JSON preview tab dynamically updates as you make changes to your collection.

Decide what happens to the original data

You can choose to leave the original collection as-is and export the masked copy to a new target collection – or overwrite the source collection directly.

Irreversible data masking

Once exported to the new target collection – or the source is overwritten, should you choose – the masked copy can never be unmasked.

Save data masking jobs as tasks

Each data masking job can be saved as a task that you can automate or schedule locally on your machine or remotely on your server.

Customizable, field-level static data masking

Obfuscate each field value type with the right masking method

All types: Not masked, Null out, Exclude field, Shuffle

String: Show only first or last characters, Mask entire string, Mask substrings matching regex, Scramble characters, Replace entire field with a fixed string

Numeric: Substitute value with fixed number, Add percentage to number, Subtract percentage from number

Array: Empty contents of the array

Date: Substitute with random date and time, Substitute with fixed date and time

Boolean: Negate boolean value, Substitute with fixed boolean value

Why use Data Masking?

With a powerful MongoDB data masking tool, you can handle data with peace of mind

Protect production data

Copy production data to non-production environments in a secure way

Keep environments fresh

Refresh development and testing environments more frequently, with more realistic data

Share the right data

Mask sensitive data before sharing with other teams, clients, or vendors

Obfuscate on demand

Stay on top of data compliance and protect sensitive data throughout your business

Data Compliance 101

Learn more about data compliance requirements that might apply to you

GDPR EU data compliance
PCI data compliance applies globally
Data compliance in the US
Data compliance in the US
Data compliance in the UK

Why choose Studio 3T’s MongoDB data masking tool?

Kind words from happy customers

Studio 3T is the tops for me. In only 30 minutes, I can gain one whole day of work when building aggregation queries.

“I easily save 10 to 15 hours per week since moving to Studio 3T” - Pierre Yves Folens, DevOps Engineer at Orange

Pierre Yves Folens, DevOps Engineer, Orange

When Studio 3T saves our team time, it means our customers see our product improve even faster. It pays off within the first month.

"Studio 3T pays off within the first month." - Thomas Wilson, CTO at Concured

Thomas Wilson, CTO, Concured

"Studio 3T has best user interface that I have ever seen in database software. We love the built-in aggregate and map-reduce functions. We build complex queries with these functions very quickly. So I know this is the "must-have" software for MongoDB developers." /

Peter Gebri, CEO,

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