Reschema for MongoDB

Save time with the MongoDB migration tool in Studio 3T. Move an existing collection to a new schema in a few clicks.

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Curate your source collection

Start with the data you need

MongoDB migration tool: Merge MongoDB source collections

Choose an existing collection to update

Connect to a MongoDB server and select your source collection.

Merge data from different collections

Need more fields? Skip the $lookup and merge data from other collections.

Transform your MongoDB collection schema

Undo, redo, and preview changes as you go


Add, delete, and rename fields

Make straightforward changes to your collection and preview updates as you go.

Reorder and embed fields

Order your fields exactly as you need. Move them up or down the list, move fields to a parent field, or embed fields within fields.

MongoDB arrays

Objects and arrays

Unwind selected arrays and objects

Unwind an array or object and save elements in a different MongoDB collection that’s linked through a foreign key.

Flatten objects and arrays

Get your fields on the same parent level, then move and embed them as needed..

Target collections

Extract fields to a different target collection

Extract a field to a different target collection with a right-click and a quick configuration.

Choose multiple target collections from the get-go

Add multiple target collections from the start and separate fields as needed.

Reschema lets you save fields in different target collections

Why use Reschema?

With a powerful MongoDB migration tool, a schema makeover is only a few clicks away

Clean up SQL migrations

Just migrated data from SQL to MongoDB? Restructure your newly imported tables and columns as MongoDB documents that make the most sense.

Merge multiple sources easily

Reschema lets you merge data from multiple collections into one source collection, so you can start with the data you need without having to write a single $lookup.

Update schema – minus the migration scripts

MongoDB is great for ad-hoc schema changes, but these could get unruly over time. With Reschema, you can easily restructure collections to reflect changes in your data. Like pressing a handy reset button.

Improve performance by skipping unnecessary schema or document versions

MongoDB lets you keep multiple versions of your schema or document, but this means duplicating indexes. Keep collections light and simple with a schema cleanup instead.

Why choose Studio 3T’s MongoDB migration tool?

Kind words from happy customers

Studio 3T is the tops for me. In only 30 minutes, I can gain one whole day of work when building aggregation queries.

“I easily save 10 to 15 hours per week since moving to Studio 3T” - Pierre Yves Folens, DevOps Engineer at Orange

Pierre Yves Folens, DevOps Engineer, Orange

When Studio 3T saves our team time, it means our customers see our product improve even faster. It pays off within the first month.

"Studio 3T pays off within the first month." - Thomas Wilson, CTO at Concured

Thomas Wilson, CTO, Concured

Studio 3T has best user interface that I have ever seen in database software. We love the built-in aggregate and map-reduce functions. We build complex queries with these functions very quickly. So I know this is the "must-have" software for MongoDB developers. /

Peter Gebri, CEO,

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