Southern Nevada Health District

and Studio 3T

Studio 3T has greatly improved our query abilities and productivity with the Aggregation Editor and IntelliShell

Jason Frame, CTO

On moving to Studio 3T

We no longer have to SSH into the mongo server and run queries from JavaScript files or through the mongo shell. This alone saves us 5-10 hours per person per week, which adds up to a huge savings with five people regularly using Studio 3T.

First started using MongoDB

More than three years ago.

Hours saved per week

5 – 10 hours per person per week.

First MongoDB admin tool

Just used the mongo shell console.

Reason for choosing Studio 3T

There were specific features we liked the look of

Most used Studio 3T features

Aggregation Editor, IntelliShell, GridFS Support, JSON View

Southern Nevada Health District uses GridFS Support for productivity

Storing files larger than 16MB? That’s simple with Studio 3T, as we offer GridFS support.