In the last few weeks, some of you reported issues with connecting to MongoDB after updating to the latest Studio 3T version.

Please note that MongoDB removed support for the deprecated MongoDB Challenge-Response (MONGODB-CR) authentication mechanism in its latest version, MongoDB 4.0.

In line with staying on top of MongoDB updates, Studio 3T 2018.6.0 started supporting SCRAM-SHA-256, a security feature also rolled out with MongoDB 4.0.

What this means for you

If you’re using legacy MongoDB-CR authentication, you will no longer able to connect to MongoDB through Studio 3T’s Connection Manager. 

This is typically the case if you’re:

  • Using MongoDB 2.6 or lower, or
  • Using 3.0 or later binaries without having upgraded MongoDB-CR credentials

MongoDB has already sunset support for MongoDB 2.6 back in October 2016. Per MongoDB’s recommendation, we highly encourage you to upgrade to newer versions so that you can take advantage of MongoDB’s new security features like SCRAM-SHA-256, which was rolled out to address the vulnerabilities of SHA-1.

The latest version of MongoDB is 4.0, which is fully compatible with Studio 3T and can be downloaded here.

Next steps

If you’ve already upgraded to MongoDB 3.0 or later binaries but have not yet upgraded user credentials to SCRAM, follow the steps outlined in MongoDB’s documentation here and here.

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