Our most recent release, 2018.3.0, brings several sought after features and fixes to Studio 3T.

Support for SQL joins

The incredibly difficult is now majorly less difficult and a common feature from the SQL world has now been added to Studio 3T. Using SQL Query, data can now be joined via an:

  • Inner Join
  • Left Outer Join

This means you can now join data from different collections and see a comprehensive comparison of the two.

The amount of users requesting this feature was considerable, so we are happy to now offer this feature among our current collection of SQL features.

(Read more about joins and using SQL to query MongoDB)

IntelliShell – Support for ES6

We’ve updated the Studio 3T parser so it supports ECMA Script 6 which, having been released in 2015, is now supported in turn by 97% – 99% of scripting engines.

Save/Load export job settings

In Studio 3T 2018.3, we’ve also added the ability to save and load previous export settings – a real time-saver for those who use multiple job configurations frequently.

The 'Save Settings' button in Studio 3T 2018.3.0The 'Load Setting' button in Studio 3T 2018.3.0

The option to save job settings will be found on the last page of the export wizard.
Or conversely, to load previously saved settings – you’ll find that option on the first page of the export wizard.

Improved query performance, MSI installation, and more

To top off our newest release, we also have:

  • A new MSI installer with auto-update disabled for Enterprise Edition users
  • MongoDB binaries are now bundled on Linux
  • improved batch size query performance

You can view the full list of fixes and improvements in our change log.

Do you want something improved in Studio 3T? Or simply want to let us know how you’re getting on with the product? We’d love to hear from you!

Download Studio 3T 2018.3

Get the latest version of our MongoDB GUI:

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