September 11, 2018: Studio 3T 2018.4.3 ships with HTTP and SOCKS proxy connection support, a new feature called Slow Query Monitor which highlights slow operations, a sortable Connection Manager, and various fixes and UX improvements. More on the updated release below.

Studio 3T 2018.4 brings you the new autocompletion for IntelliShell, now with support for JavaScript standard library functions, members, and properties; more mongo shell-specific types and methods; and more powerful autocompletion of field names within a collection context.

Studio 3T is now also compatible with MongoDB 4.0, and Enterprise users can now import Oracle to MongoDB.

Smarter, Richer IntelliShell Autocompletion

IntelliShell just got better.

We’ve revamped the way it handles autocompletion so it’s more context-sensitive and robust. In addition to operators, collection names, and field names, IntelliShell now also supports:

  • JavaScript standard library functions, methods (e.g. toString(), valueOf(),…), and objects
  • More mongo shell-specific types and methods (so you never have to type ObjectId(“") again) and better support for cursors
  • More robust field name suggestions within a collection context, even within a sort stage of a find query
  • Shell helper commands like use, show, and help

Oracle Support Added | SQL Import to MongoDB

Studio 3T Enterprise users can now import Oracle (SQL) databases to MongoDB with our Import Wizard.

Simply download the Oracle JDBC driver, update the settings under the JDBC Drivers tab in Preferences, and let Studio 3T load the rest dynamically.

Read more about SQL Import on our Knowledge Base.

Support for MongoDB 4.0

We’ve upgraded our bundled mongo tools to include support for the newly released version 4.0.

New in Studio 3T 2018.4.3

HTTP and SOCKS proxy connection support

Studio 3T Core, Pro, and Enterprise users now have the ability to connect to external MongoDB databases through a SOCKS or HTTP proxy connection.

The proxy settings are available when connecting to MongoDB databases, connecting to SQL databases for import, and for application-run HTTPS requests (e.g. Telemetry).

Learn more about the different Studio 3T editions here.

Slow Query Monitor and Show Own Ops

In addition to showing Retained Expired Ops, Studio 3T now also displays slow-running operations through the new Slow Query Monitor feature.

Studio 3T's Slow Query Monitor feature

You can also now choose to only show your own operations by ticking the Show Own Ops only checkbox. Alternatively, you can also tick the Show Sys Ops checkbox.

Check out these new features by right-clicking on any collection and clicking on Current Operations.

Sortable Connection Manager

For added convenience, you can now sort your connections by clicking on any header in the Connection Manager.

You can now sort your connections in the Connection Manager

Read about the Connection Manager in full here.

Other Fixes and Improvements

In addition to the new features above, we’ve also shipped fixes and improvements to:

  • User & Role Managers – see the actual code generated from creating a role
  • Improved handling throughout of extremely large documents
  • Closing a connection now closes all associated tabs
  • Disable option in IntelliShell available (under Preferences > IntelliShell)Disable IntelliShell under Studio 3T Preferences

View the full list of fixes and improvements in our changelog.

Do you think we’re missing a crucial feature? Or simply want to let us know how we’re doing? Get in touch!

Download Studio 3T 2018.4.3

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