How to Limit the Initial Number of Documents Loaded in a MongoDB Collection

By default, Studio 3T loads the first 50 documents of a collection (i.e. dbCursor.find({}).limit(50)) when first opening a collection view. As MongoDB documents can be up to 16MB in size, this can amount to serious traffic, so we've introduced a convenient way of limiting this initial number of documents either for all or specific collections. Limit [...]

How to Query MongoDB with SQL

Introduction Getting Started - A Basic SELECT * Query Edit Results Inline Read-Only Mode Expressing Query Criteria Projection Comparison Combining Expressions Sorting Matching Boolean Values Translating SQL Queries to the MongoDB query language, JavaScript, Java, Python, and C# Explain Data for the Query More Advanced Expressions Limit and Offset Wildcards Testing If a Value Is [...]

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How to Do MongoDB Aggregation Queries Easily

Introduction Create the MongoDB Aggregation Query Identify the Question MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Operators Add a New Stage Group Results Specify Query Options Share the MongoDB Aggregation Query Introduction In this post, we're going to take a look at how to do MongoDB aggregation queries easily with the Aggregation Editor in Studio 3T (formerly MongoChef). We're [...]

How to Do MongoDB Map-Reduce Jobs Easily

In this post, we will see how Studio 3T can make your life easy with writing, debugging, and running MongoDB Map-Reduce jobs using the amazing new Map-Reduce screen. In case you haven't yet, download our MongoDB GUI here and let's go through a Map-Reduce example together. MongoDB Map-Reduce vs Aggregation Pipeline A Map-Reduce Example Filtering [...]

Autocomplete Queries with IntelliShell, Studio 3T’s Full MongoDB Shell Integration

In this post, we'll show you how to get started with IntelliShell, Studio 3T's full MongoDB shell integration. Enjoy the richest editing experience only our MongoDB GUI, available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Prerequisites: Install Studio 3T Install mongo client Tools Getting Started: Configure IntelliShell Open IntelliShell Hotkeys Enable Dark Theme Special Note for Secondary [...]